Meghan Markle’s Life In Toronto Before Becoming Royalty Was Actually Super Relatable

You can visit all of her favourite places!
Meghan Markle’s Life In Toronto Before Becoming Royalty Was Actually Super Relatable

It's hard to believe that someone who's living their life as a Royal ever spent their days roaming around downtown Toronto enjoying all the city has to offer. It almost gives us hope that we could one day be the Meghan Markle of our hometown. Markle spent years in Toronto while filming seven seasons of the show Suits before she became the Duchess of Sussex. Meghan Markle's Toronto life was super relatable. 

Did you ever want to get to know who Markle was before she became an actual princess? Well if you're ever in Toronto, there are a bunch of hotspots in the city that Markle spent a ton of time in and you can visit most of them! Let's take a look at where the Duchess spent her days when she was living in Toronto. 

10 Yarmouth Drive

While filming Suits, Markle rented out a home in Toronto's Annex. The house recently sold for 1.32 million, which shockingly is the average price of a home in downtown Toronto. This is also famously known as the home that Prince Harry came to visit Markle at when the two were still dating.


Everyone loves Aritzia! Including Meghan Markle. She loved shopping at the Canadian brand. She was seen wearing Aritzia ALL the time. Just last year she wore an Aritzia dress to the opening ceremonies of the Invictus Games in Toronto.

Kensington Market 

Kensington Market is one of Toronto's most culture-filled locations. With thrift stores, little cafe's, and booming restaurants, it's no surprise that Markle told MyDomaine that it's "a local mecca for all things food and fun."


There's no way Markle went a whole seven years in Toronto without discovering her favorite place to eat. She loved this Italian restaurant so much she even talked about it in a Vanity Fair issue. A rep for Terroni even confirmed that she was a regular at all their locations across the city.

W Skin Care 

W Skin Care is a spa in Toronto who's location was right across the street from where Suits was frequently filmed! The clinic's director, Jeff Eltom, has said that Markle was, "very down to earth, exceedingly polite and genuine with everyone." Her favorite treatment was apparently their cold laser therapy. You can book an appointment at the Toronto spa here!

Trinity Bellwoods 

Trinity Bellwoods is a park in downtown Toronto that is a hotspot for the young adults of the city. With their annual cherry blossom festival and weekend yard sales during the summer, this park is the perfect place to lay low for a while with a coffee and good book. Markle has described Trinity Bellwoods as a "hipsters paradise."