5 Places You Can Spot Mel Gibson As Santa While Filming A Movie In Ottawa

It's "looking a lot like Christmas" in the city!
5 Places You Can Spot Mel Gibson As Santa While Filming A Movie In Ottawa

Parts of Ottawa are getting ready to “look a lot like Christmas” again as movie crews are preparing to invade the city and its outskirts. Mel Gibson’s movie Fatman is set to start filming in Ottawa very soon and you might be able to spot him. The only catch is he’ll most likely be disguised as Santa Claus.

The film, previously announced by Deadline back in May 2019, follows an unconventional Santa Claus who is being targeted by a hitman hired by a 12-year-old boy. His brush with reality puts what really matters into perspective amidst the downfall of his company.

There has yet to be a release date announced for the film, however, potential filming locations for the Christmas movie were just released!

Mount Pakenham (Ski Hill Road)

Ski resort Mount Pakenham, just outside of Ottawa, is set to be host to the Fatman production starting on February 13 and 14 according to Inside Ottawa Valley.

The article also warns potential motorists using Ski Hill Rd. of three to five-minute waits outside of the resort as reported by community economic and cultural coordinator Tiffany MacLaren.

They also confirmed they’ll be filming at these locations until March 14.

Five Span Bridge Park & Carbine Road

Inside Ottawa Valley also confirmed Five Span Bridge Park and Carbine Rd. will also be used as a set location starting on February 27.

The same warning applied to traffic on Ski Hill Rd. will also be applied to filming days at Carbine Rd. as reported by Inside Ottawa Valley.

Almonte Mississippi Valley Textile Museum

You might want to be on the lookout for Gibson at the Almonte Mississippi Valley Textile Museum in the upcoming weeks. Inside Ottawa Valley’s coverage on the Mississippi Mills council meeting included confirmation of filming at the museum.

People interested in when filming will be taking place can make sure to keep up to date with announcements on the Mississippi Mills’ website and social media according to Inside Ottawa Valley.

A filming date at this location has yet to be announced.

Pinehurst Manor

The historic Pinehurst Manor has also been confirmed as a filming location by the Mississippi Mills council as stated by Inside Ottawa Valley.

Like the Textile Museum, a date has yet to be announced on when Gibson could possibly be filming at the Manor. Pinehurst Manor is an extra special filming location because you actually have the opportunity to rent out the entire manor through Airbnb.

You can check out the listing here.

Chesterville Nestle Plant

The retired Chesterville Nestle Plant has been circulating as a potential filming location as well. Although not confirmed by the council, National Valley News did reach out to the casting agency, Smyth Casting, involved with Fatman for comment.

A representative told the news platform that they “believe there was mention of using a location in Chesterville later in February” however they weren’t able to solidly confirm.