Mel Gibson Attended An Ottawa Senators Game & Trended On Twitter Because Of It

He's filming a new movie in the city!
Mel Gibson Attended An Ottawa Senators Game & Trended On Twitter Because Of It

Apparently even Santa Claus needs a break. Mel Gibson’s sightings in Ottawa have now extended into the realm of sports. The actor, in town shooting as Kris Kringle for his new movie Fatman, spent this past Tuesday evening at the Canadian Tire Centre at an Ottawa Senators game.

Twitter caught wind of his appearance at the hockey game when fans began posting photos of the 64-year-old star on Twitter.

According to ET Canada, Gibson came as Ottawa Senators' owner, Eugene Melnyk’s guest.

His attendance in the stadium caused so much buzz that according to Canada Trends he was trending on Twitter in Canada at number 5 for hours last night.

Even TSN broadcaster Steve Warne tweeted a photo of the pair jokingly writing that the team’s stellar performance was because “Mel Gibson gave them the Braveheart speech tonight.”

Warne’s tweet was one of many. This user wanted to make sure she wasn’t the only one who spotted the actor on television, “Anyone else spot Mel Gibson at tonight’s Ottawa @Senators game?”

Someone even pointed out that Gibson was wearing a Buffalo Sabres hat, the opposing team at last night’s game, “Mel Gibson lookin like a Christmas snack in Ottawa at the Sens vs. Sabres game tonight. He’s even wearing a Buffalo hat.”

There was even a video of the pair caught on camera at the game.

Along with his Sabres hat, the actor sported a very Canadian red plaid shirt and jeans, along with very Santa-like facial hair that people also couldn’t help but comment on, “For those wondering ... Mel Gibson is filming the movie 'Fatman' in Ottawa. He plays Santa Claus .. hence the beard.“

Gibson’s time in Ottawa hasn’t only been spent on set and at the arena. Over the past few weeks, he’s also been spotted attending religious ceremonies, enjoying Ottawa’s fine dining, and hitting up the local gym Movati.

More recently Inside Ottawa Valley reported a sighting of the actor in Carleton Place.

According to Inside Ottawa Valley, filming for Fatman started in mid-January and will continue into March, with Ottawa shooting locations like Mount Pakenham, Five Span Bridge, Almonte Mississippi Valley Textile Museum, and Pinehurst Manor confirmed.

A premiere date for Fatman has yet to be released.

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