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Members Of The Conservative Party Want To Make AR-15 Rifles Unrestricted In Canada And Here's What Canadians Think

If you thought Justin Trudeau's awkward dancing segment during his India trip was embarrassing for Canadians, the political 'fun' just doesn't seem to end there! It appears that the Conservative party wants to make AR-15's easier to access in Canada... as in the same weapon that has been used time and time again in mass school shootings in the United States. The same gun that millions of people are marching against across the border. 

This discussion has been going on for a while considering back in 2016, MP Bob Zimmer proposed the idea because of an online petition that called for the AR-15 to be legal in the country. As of now, the rifle is considered a restricted firearm in Canada. Meaning that in order to get one in Canada, you are subject to more rigorous background checks and if you do get your hands on one, the only legal place you can use it is in a shooting range. 

Through the Las Vegas shooting, Parkland shooting and every other tragedy in between that has come at the hands of an AR-15, Zimmer has continued  to push in favor of making the rifle more accessible and usable for "hunting purposes." Because apparently, the other options that can be used for hunting just aren't good enough. Unfortunately, with what's going on across the border, Zimmer still holds his same beliefs from 2016 today as proved when he responded to someone on Twitter: 

From June 2016 for those who wish to be better informed about Marc Bennett’s Petition. ....and it does NOT make firearms easier to access

February 27, 2018

Zimmer isn't the only Conservative who gets ignorant when it comes to guns in Canada. Larry Miller, another MP posted this photo a mere week after the Parkland shooting: 

Last week 14 high school students and 3 teachers were gunned down in a school in Florida. Today, Conservative MP Larry Miller thought it would be funny to tweet this: #cdnpoli #CPC

February 19, 2018

While he has since taken down the photo due to outrage from Canadians he's only another example of a concerning frame of mind on guns in the party. 

Andrew Scheer, another Conservative has also been vocal about his intentions to loosen gun control in Canada by allowing less or getting rid of restrictions on guns including the AR-15. Then there's Maxime Bernier who also wants the AR-15 to be an unrestricted firearm, using it as one of the main points of his campaign for fundraising. Quoted saying, "with my firearms legislation, many popular guns like the AR-15 would become nonrestricted because gun legislation wouldn't be based on fear anymore." 

Naturally, with the topic of gun control back in the limelight more now than ever, Canadians were not impressed that many of the Conservatives still hold their opinions on gun control. Maybe it's about time those politicians take a look over at the United States and see what they think about the gun control we have in place right now and if it needs any changes that would make rules more relaxed: 

We have gun control in Canada.

There were more casualties last night in Vegas than all mass shootings in Canada in the last 25 years combined. In 1989, 15 women were shot/killed at L'Ecole Polytecniques in Montreal - that's our worst.