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Netflix Released Its Christmas Series "Merry Happy Whatever" & It's Getting All The Hype

Netflix has become known to a lot of people as Hallmark movie central during the holiday season, but this year they introduced something different to viewers: a Christmas themed series. Not only does it have a Disney filled cast, Ashley Tisdale and Bridgit Mendler, but it also stars Dennis Quaid. Now that it's finally premiered, Merry Happy Whatever series on Netflix is getting such good reviews. 

The series' first season spans eight episodes and is described by Netflix as being about, "A struggling LA musician tries to win over his new girlfriend's gruff dad and quirky, tight-knit siblings on a 10-day Christmas visit to Philadelphia."

The show has been getting so much hype on Twitter since its early morning release. Being a Netflix Christmas star herself, even Vanessa Hudgens tuned in! 

[rebelmouse-image 25959183 photo_credit="vanessahudgens | Instagram" expand=1 original_size="1242x2002"]

Twitter users are saying the series is the best way to start out their Thanksgiving and Christmas season, "just finished #MerryHappyWhatever. I loved the show, the comedy & the Quinn family! What a way to start thanksgiving."

It's so good, people are already demanding a second season, "Well I already finished #merryhappywhatever where's that second season @ashleytisdale." 

Some are just praising how hilarious it is, "Everyone watch Merry Happy Whatever on Netflix it is hilarious."

Imagine staying up until 5 a.m. to watch a show? That's exactly what Twitter user has @zanessa12 did, "So I stayed up till 5 am and finished all 8 episodes of @ashleytisdale #MerryHappyWhatever Kayla so funny full of joy..."

You can watch the first installment of Merry Happy Whatever on Netflix here

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