Remember Dee Gallant? The B.C. woman who bravely (and brilliantly) saved herself and her pup from an aggressive cougar by blasting Metallica? Of course, you do. How could you forget? Well, just when Dee thought she’d met her quota for surprises this week, she got a shocking phone call. In light of the BC cougar encounter, Metallica frontman, James Hetfield called Dee Gallant, to discuss her recent happenings.

In case you need a little refresher, Dee Gallant was walking her dog, Murphy, near her home on Vancouver Island. All of a sudden, a cougar appeared. When the cougar wasn’t running off as Dee had experienced in the past, and instead approaching her, she knew she had to do something. As the animal became more and more threatening, Dee made a snap decision.

“I asked myself what would sound really intimidating to an animal and I thought, oh, yep, heavy metal. I went through my iTunes and found a whole bunch of songs that wouldn’t work. Then I saw Metallica and thought, that’ll work,” she told Narcity in an interview. Quickly, Dee selected a song. “I popped on Don’t Tread On Me and away he went”.

As Dee’s story became more and more viral, the band’s lead guitarist, Kirk Hammett, posted an article about Gallant’s story on his own Facebook page.

Following the band member’s post, Dee was contacted by a liaison for Metallica. "I anticipated something, I didn’t know what. She said she was going to give my contact information to a band member, but she didn’t say who," Dee told Narcity. After seeing the Facebook post, Dee suspected it might be Kirk Hammett who would be reaching out.

“When I was at work, it was James Hetfield that called,” Dee told us, beaming as she recalled her recent celebrity phone chat. “Oh, it was so exciting!”

“I was just beside myself. I wasn’t sure what to say to him, I was at a loss for words at first,” Dee continued. “He was very easy to talk to, very down to earth. We talked about normal things like dogs and the differences in where we live, things like that". 

We are starstruck by proximity and so humbled by Metallica’s outreach to a fan who’s life was saved by their music.

“I thanked them for saving my life. I owe it to their song” she told us. “If I ever get the chance to meet them I can give them all a big hug.” We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Metal music saves lives.