If you're someone who doesn't eat meat, there's a new great deal meant just for you. Sometimes eating green isn't cheap but when you can get two plant-based packages for the price of one you should definitely take advantage, while it lasts. The Metro Beyond Meat burger buy one get one free sale is on for one week only.

From January 23 to January 29, you can get two packages of the popular veggie burgers for the price of one at a Metro store near you.

When you take advantage of the deal you just pay $7.99 for two packages when you'd usually spend $15.98 for them both. It's basically half off. 

Each package comes with two plant-filled patties that both have 20 grams of protein and are made without soy, gluten and GMOs.

The regular price for one package of the Beyond Burger works out to about $3.54 per 100 grams. 

If you just want to try a meatless menu for one night or you regularly don't eat the stuff, at this price, these burgers are a good choice.

According to Beyond Meat, it's the world's first plant-based burger that actually looks and cooks like beef and satisfies you the same way it would if it came from cattle.

Available in the meat section of grocery stores, the company said that these patties have all the beefy, juicy goodness of a regular burger just without the actual animal by-products.

Canadians first saw the Beyond Meat burger in grocery stores back in April 2019 with Sobeys being the first chain to carry the product.

Now the company has expanded to also sell plant-based ground beef in Canada.

These meatless products are so popular that you could even dress up as a sexy Beyond Burger for Halloween.

You can shop the Beyond Meat burger deal at Metro stores in Ontario and Quebec or online.