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Metro Stores Are Now Putting Last-Minute Discounts On Their Soon-To-Expire Products

Popular Ontario and Quebec food retailer Metro has an idea to help both the company and its customers save. The store is testing the introduction of a Metro discount on products that are soon to reach their expiration date. The intention is to not only help shoppers save money, but also to cut food waste by selling in-date food that may otherwise be discarded.

Metro told Narcity that the pilot project will be launched in 20 stores in Quebec and will see the retailer shave 30 percent off the price of goods that are approaching the end of their shelf life.

It was also confirmed in a press release that this latest pilot project could expand across the next few months, depending on the response from customers.

Each day, employees will place stickers denoting the cut price on applicable products across all perishable departments. These include produce, meat, fish, deli, cheese, bakery, grocery and dairy departments, Grocery Business reports.

The pilot program is a streamlining of an existing process which has seen last-minute discounts offered on expiring products and ensures the percentage discount will be the same in all participating stores.

Obviously, this is a nice perk for customers, particularly those looking for a last-minute addition to the night's dinner. That won't be its only positive effect, though.

In the press release, Metro confirmed it committed back in January to halving its 2016-level food waste by 2025, will donate any remaining unsold discounted products to food banks in cases where there is a partnership with a store.

Where there is no partnering food bank, the leftovers will be designated for organic waste recovery.

The retailer has also announced other initiatives in recent times, including taking steps to limit the use of plastic in its products and packaging.

*This article has been updated.*

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