Editor's note: This article has been updated to include more details about the promotion.

Metro is now offering an online delivery service for groceries in Ontario. According to Grocery Business, Metro online delivery is currently being provided at a limited number of locations in the province. The service will be part of a larger opening promotion which will give customers a bundle of free groceries worth $50. The delivery fee will also be waived for your next three orders of $35 or more.

The groceries will be delivered by trucks which featured Metro’s “Tri-Zones” system, which means the vehicles have three separate climate-controlled zones for the product, a refrigerated zone, a temperate zone and a zone for frozen goods. Customers also have the option of picking up their orders at the store to reduce future delivery costs.

According to Metro, certain items placed in an individual’s shopping cart will feature an estimated price. Items which are priced by weight will be placed at the determined unit price based upon the average weight of the item.

To get your $50 grocery bundle, you'll first have to make an online purchase of $50 or more on Metro's website. Then, select a time slot between Tuesday, May 7th and Wednesday, July 3rd, 2019. Apply the promo code FREEPRODUCTS at checkout and you're set! For more info, click here.

Metro has also stated that online order prices may vary depending on promotions and prices that happen to be in effect at the time of delivery. Both taxes and savings are calculated at checkout in order to make sure you receive weekly flyer deals.

Unfortunately, gift cards will not be able to be used during online orders, and only credit-card payments will be accepted for the delivery service. Customers will also not be able to redeem their AIR MILES Reward Miles for their online orders.

However, they will be able to collect AIR MILES on every order and enjoy any promotion put on by the organization which will be indicated on the product images featured on the online selection.

To order your groceries, you first have to provide your postal code on Metro's website. The site then tells you whether or not delivery is available in your area. It'll also direct you to the stores in your area that offer in-store pickup. You can then begin selecting which items you want, and they will be placed in your cart.