Metro Is Hiring All Over Ontario & They’re Giving Hourly Bonuses

They need frontline staff!
Metro Ontario Is Hiring Right Now & They Are Paying Workers Extra

If you're in need of a job, essential businesses are looking for new employees across the country. Metro Ontario is hiring frontline workers and has announced that they are even going to be paying them extra. So get your resumes ready because it's time to start applying! 

Massive lineups have been spotted across the province at all sorts of different essential stores. Whether it's the LCBO, grocery stores, or Costco, it looks like these businesses are looking for some extra hands. 

Metro told Narcity in an e-mail that they are currently hiring both part-time and full-time positions in both Metro and Food Basic locations across the province. 

However, these employees will be making more than just their average salary. According to Metro, those who work in storefronts or distribution centres will be making an extra $2 an hour until May 2. 

That means if you're working a full-time position, you could be making an extra $75 a week, or $300 a month. 

"We are actively recruiting and providing the $2 increase that has been added to wages for employees working stores and distribution centres until May 2," Metro told Narcity. 

"METRO is currently hiring part-time positions and select full-time positions for Metro and Food Basics stores, plus our distribution centres and online grocery," they continued. 

According to Metro's career page, they are hiring a variety of positions in multiple locations including Toronto, Windsor, Burlington and Newmarket. 

Some of these positions include bakery clerks, grocery clerks, and overnight personal shoppers. 

Since COVID-19, protocols have changed in order to keep employees, as well as customers, safe. An example is the installment of plexiglass shields at essential businesses across Canada. 

Metro has also taken this route in order to boost safety for employees who are working long hours to serve hundreds of people a day.

"We have a number of safeguards in place, that include plexiglass shields at checkouts," says the email."To minimize the handling of payment devices, customers can now use contactless payment for purchases of up to $250 for most credit cards," they continue. 

However, Metro isn't the only Ontario company that is currently hiring, and offering a little extra cash. 

Multiple jobs across the province are still looking for employees and many are bumping their hourly wages during the pandemic. 

So get your resumes ready, because it's time to start applying!