You Can Live In An Adorable "Hobbit House" For Under 15K In Florida (VIDEO)

It's straight out of LOTR.
Miami Company Specializes In Hobbit Homes For People To Live In

Sometimes movie scenes are just so stunning that they make you want to jump right into the motion picture, especially Lord of the Rings. Floridians are lucky though because they don't have to venture into Middle-Earth to see one of those cute hobbit homes from LOTR up-close and personal. Thanks to this green construction company from Miami that specializes in hobbit homes, you can live in an adorable home that blends modern living with natural greenery.

My precious.

Green Magic Homes is a construction business that builds gorgeous dome houses with stunning flora on the rooftops.

Made with just 60% of the materials needed to construct something more traditional, these living spaces basically radiate eco-friendly vibes.

The structures even look like an extension of the Earth, with curved walls that seem to slant perfectly into the soil. 

If that’s not enough to make you want to get natural, the company claims that their models will keep your energy bills to a minimum. It's the perfect way to live happily and save money at the same time.

According to their website, the houses are built with special FRP panels that keep outside heat from coming in and vice versa. 

Way to keep things "cool," Green Magic Homes.

The houses have been so popular that the company has expanded far beyond its original Miami office to an international level.

Buyers can choose from a dozen floorplans with cute names like Galicia, Capri, and our personal fave: Waikiki.

If the world-wide vibes seem a little too crazy for you, don’t worry. The company is keeping things local with two certified builders in the Sunshine State, one in West Florida and one in South Florida.

The best part is that they aren’t just beautiful on the outside — they are also beautiful on the inside.

Green Magic homeowners can expect a smooth, modern interior with large windows that bring the natural world straight into the hearth.

You can even opt to have an outdoor/indoor space for cooking, grilling and other general partying.

Who's down to have a little BBQ? 

The prices are also pretty incredible. The Capri Studio only costs $14,473 dollars, while the four-bedroom Murano model comes to a total of $133,576. 

Not bad at all, compared to the median Florida house cost of $229,000.

Whether you are a The Lord of the Rings superfan or just a millennial trying to maximize your zen, these Green Magic offerings are the perfect way to live in harmony with nature. 

Green Magic Homes

Price: $14,473+

Address: Available upon request

Why You Need One: This is a house that's perfect for anyone from film buffs to environmentalists. You will literally feel like your life is a movie, as you enjoy the natural world from inside your own home.