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10 Bucket List Things You Have To Do At The Florida Renaissance Festival 2019

Florida Renaissance Festival opening in a couple weeks!
10 Bucket List Things You Have To Do At The Florida Renaissance Festival 2019

We are excited to announce that the Florida Renaissance Festival is coming back to town! The castle doors are set to officially open at 10 am at the Quiet Waters Park in Deerfield Beach, Florida on February 9, 2019, and the fun will continue for 7 weekends - that means there is still plenty of time for you to plan your mystical, magical, medieval trip.

Whether you are an annual attendee or are completely new to the renaissance festival experience there is one thing that you should know: there will be a LOT to do during your visit this year. Admittedly there will be so much to do that you will not be able to see it all in one day even if you get there at opening time and leave at sunset. So we definitely recommend attending at least a couple of days if want to see it all. 

If you choose to or can only go once then there are some things you absolutely will not want to miss; so get your feather pen, ink, and parchment paper out because you are going to need to make a note of these 10 bucket list things you have to do at the Florida Renaissance Festival 2019. 

The Jousting Tournaments 

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Probably the most anticipated show of the festival is the jousting tournaments. Some absolutely gorgeous humans ride some absolutely gorgeous horses and put on a show of a lifetime. Throughout different times of the day, you will get to root for either the good or evil knight as their show times start in the morning and wrap up in the evening.

See the real-life mermaids

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You never outgrow the love for mermaids - and the Ren. Faire has managed to capture some real-life swimming sirens just for your entertainment. Better enjoy them before PETA petitions for their freedom! #freethemermaids

Pick out the perfect outfit

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Whether you are a swashbuckling rough and tough pirate or a well mannered fair maiden, there is an outfit here for you. There are bustle skirts, corsets, gypsy apparel, boots, gloves, hats, literally everything and all the accessories to go with it - even steampunk apparel.

BONUS: There is a hair braider who can braid your hair in a way fit for a princess.

Gawk at the Pirate Ship

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Ahoy, matey! This ghosty pirate ship is not something you often see sailing the seven seas these days. So get your pictures in before it sails away - and watch out for any pirates trying to steal yer'booty.

Grab some unique items

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Mermaid soap, cockatiel-head-on-a-knight's-body tapestry, chainmail, full sets of armor, Link's Ocarina from The Ocarina Of Time; whatever medieval wonder you have ever wanted - and things you never knew you wanted, you can get it here.

Chow down on a whole turkey leg

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It doesn't get more "barbarian" than a whole smoked turkey leg. They're big, they're delicious, and they're totally not that expensive - so get one!

Sing along to some Celtic favorites

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There are tons of great musicians that will be taking the stage during the course of the fair, but you won't want to miss the Celtic-music group, Celtic Mayhem.

Drink some Skol - from a horn

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Viking AF. Need I say more?

Take your anger out by throwing tomatoes

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You've always wanted to do this without the possibility of getting an assault charge and now is your chance.

Get entranced by some gypsies

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The Masala Gypsy Dancers never disappoint. I mean, nothing beats watching beautiful women move their body in ways we never could. I'm jealous of all the talent and beauty just looking at the photos!

Honestly though, no matter what you choose to do or see you will have nothing short of a magical experience. Tickets and additional information can be found here.

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