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10 Things You Didn't Know About Camila Cabello's Miami Roots

Her heart is in Havana, but her roots are in the Sunshine State!
10 Things About Camila Cabello You Might Not Have Known

Camila Cabello has had us all humming the catchy tune of “Havana” for years now, but how much do you really know about the Cuban-America singer, songwriter, and actress? If you want to know more about someone, start from the beginning of their journey. For Camila, it all began in the Sunshine State! Miami, to be precise. And while she’s traveled the world in her fame, she still calls Miami home.

Here are 10 things about Camila Cabello’s Miami roots you may not have known.

1. She was born in Havana, Cuba in the town of Cojímar in East Havana.

2. Her father was born in Mexico City and during her early life, she and her family moved back and forth between Havana and Mexico City.

3. When Camila was six, her family relocated to Miami, Florida and settled their roots.

4. The songstress finally acquired her American citizenship in 2008.

5. She attended Miami Palmetto High School.

6. Camila left during the 2012–2013 school year while she was in 9th grade to pursue her singing career; later earning her high school diploma.  

7. After auditioning for The X Factor, Camila was eliminated during the “boot camp” portion of the process in Miami. Later she grouped together with other contestants who eventually signed together under the name Fifth Harmony with Simon Cowell. 

8. She celebrated her 21st birthday in Miami with her family. 

9. In 2018, her world tour “Never Be The Same” took her back to her roots where she performed at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens.

10. She partnered with Youtube to present Made in Miami, an Artist Spotlight that told the story of her and her family’s determination and courage to follow their dreams. 

There you have it, 10 things you probably never knew about Camila Cabello's Miami roots!

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