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16 Spontaneous Day Trips From Miami You Need To Go On This Winter

Wander over the wonders of Florida
16 Spontaneous Day Trips From Miami You Need To Go On This Winter

Instead of staying home and watching a Christmas movie marathon, plan your next adventure with your bae. Between Miami and Orlando, there's plenty to discover. Wander around your favorite city and explore a new area you've never visited before.

This winter, Florida brings new activities, Christmas markets, and festivals to enjoy during the weekend. Start your winter bucket list and walk aimlessly around the streets of your city. You'll be impressed by all the cute shops and locations you'll find. 

A spontaneous day trip is the best way to staycation and escape the hectic lifestyle. If you're in need of some inspiration and adventure, look no further and visit these magical places in the sunshine state. 

Disney's Magic Kingdom

Where: Magic Kingdom Park

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The happiest place on earth is in Orlando. Many tourists come here every year to meet Mickey Mouse and take pictures in front of the castle. For a quick escape, join this fantasy land and make your dreams come true. Magic Kingdom is known for its magical parades, firework shows, and great food. You can also enjoy different restaurants and whimsical boutiques that are Disney-themed. We recommend you make it a day trip and visit the ice cream parlor for a unique Mickey-inspired ice cream.

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This island is near Miami and easy to arrive by boat. The best things about Bimini are the numerous water sports available. You can hop on a paddleboard or kayak your way through mangrove creeks. Bimini is a great location to free dive or scuba diving. The waters are surrounded by sharks and dolphins, which makes it into a more magical experience. If you're into history, go to an underground museum and visit the Sapona shipwreck. This is Bimini's most popular snorkeling and diving site. You'll also find many creatures and turtles swimming around.

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Kennedy Space Centre

Where: Cape Canaveral

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Have you ever dreamed of being an astronaut? This spontaneous trip will get you closer to the stars and the universe. The Kennedy Space Center has amazing attractions and you can get a behind-the-scenes experience behind the gates. You can learn about Nasa's future mission and watch a spaceship launch. The next rocket launch is scheduled for December 4th and will launch the SpaceX Falcon 9 CRS-16. This is the best way to start the holiday festivities and learn more about astronauts.

Hobe Sound National Wildlife Preserve

Where: 13640 SE Federal Hwy, Hobe Sound

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If you're into wildlife and natural habitat, you'll love this place. This natural oasis is home to wild birds, reptiles, and mammals. If you're looking for a quiet place to enjoy your picnic and bring your dogs, this is the environment. One thing about Hobe Sound is that it is one of the most productive sea turtle nesting areas. So, don't get surprised if you sea turtle around the beach. The natural habitat has endangered species and is a sanctuary for many who visit it. It is a refuge for those seeking peace and tranquility.

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Florida Keys Brewing Company

Where: 81611 Old Hwy, Islamorada via

Enjoy happy hour on island time. This is the first microbrewery from the upper keys located in the Morada Way Arts and Cultural District. A cold local beer is what you need to start a relaxing weekend. You can enjoy a tour of their brewery, a flight of their beers, play games, and listen to the best island music. This is the place to forget about the work week and enjoy one of the numerous events hosted by the brewery. Enjoy the different selection they have on tap and meet your local tourists at the beer garden.

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Knaus Berry Farm

Where: 15980 SW 248th St, Homestead

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If you're looking for a good Sunday breakfast, come for the cinnamon buns at Knaus Berry Farm. This place is very popular among locals and if you come early you'll avoid the lines. The milkshakes are super delicious and they always add a new flavor to the menu according to the season. The traditional baked home goods are everyone's favorite and you'll be seeing your Instagram feed full of buns on days to come. We recommend you buy the full dozen because it's so worth it.

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Ochopee Post Office

Where: 38000 Tamiami Trail E, Ochopee

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This is the smallest post office in the United States. You can still deliver your Christmas gifts at this location. What makes this small business so attractive and visited by locals is the size. This building used to be a storage facility for irrigation pipes of an adjacent tomato farm. If you're looking for an unusual spontaneous trip, we recommend a stop at this post office. Don't forget to send postcards to your friend and remind them to visit you in Florida.

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The Breakers Palm Beach

Where: 1 S County Rd, Palm Beach

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You'll feel like Belle entering the Beast's castle. This place is exclusive and has a great view of the Atlantic Ocean. The Breakers has an amazing architecture, luxury dining, and outstanding customer service. If you want to feel like a princess for the day, we recommend you come with your best attire and take all the pictures you want. This place was opened in 1896 by Henry Flagler to accommodate travelers on his Florida East Coast Railway. The location is a dream and many people get married here because it feels like a fairytale.

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Morada Bay

Where: 81600 Overseas Hwy, Islamorada

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Morada Bay Cafe is known for its monthly full moon parties. This Caribbean-style American restaurant has a great view of the ocean, tasty cocktails, and one of the best seafood in Islamorada. If you're looking for the real party, come during a full moon. The event is popular among locals and they feature live music, DJs, a buffet-style food, carnival-inspired dances, and fireworks. You're allowed to take off your heels at this place if you get tired.

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Jonathan Dickinson State Park

Where: 16450 SE Federal Hwy, Hobe Sound

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This is a historic park and a natural reserve located in Martin County, Florida. Trade your weekend happy hours for a weekend with nature. You can do kayaking, boating, canoeing, and camp out for the night. There are not many places in Florida where you can do stargazing, but this park will give you a whole view of the sky.

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Village Shops on Venetian Bay

Where: Naples, FL

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This is an upscale, waterside open-air shopping district in Naples. If you're looking to shop the best home decor, take a day trip here. The relaxing and luxurious environment of the village is perfect for shoppers looking to avoid the angry tourists at shopping malls. After a full day of shopping, enjoy an exceptional dining experience with a water view. The place is fully decorated during the holidays and it makes it the perfect location to get in the holiday mood.

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Solomon's Castle

Where: Ona, FL

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Feel like a queen for a day and visit this aluminum castle. You can get a tour of the castle by the artist himself and explore the different art collection made from recycled items. This will be one of the most unique experiences of your life that will transport you to a fairytale book. The castle has more than 80 interpretive stained glass windows and countless metal sculptures. The place is hidden in the Florida woodlands but is worth the expedition.

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Wolf's Museum of Mystery

Where: St. Augustine, FL

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If you like peculiar and mysterious things, this is a great spontaneous trip idea. The museum is located in the nation's oldest city, Saint Augustine. This is the personal home of Wolfgang Von Mertz and features a collection of rare items from different parts of the world. This will probably be the weirdest experience of your life. You'll see things beyond your imagination. The museum has a mermaid performer and other attractions.

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Presidents Hall of Fame

Where: Clermont, FL

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If a trip to Mount Rushmore is not doable, you can visit Mount Florida. The museum is dedicated to U.S. presidents and their families. This museum features a White House replica, state dining room, and oval offices. This is one of the most popular attractions in Central Florida and worth the stop if you're doing a road trip. The Mount Rushmore replica probably is the most photographed exhibit at this museum. Take a day trip here to learn about your past presidents and the history of America.

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Pirate Museum

Where: St. Augustine, FL

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Meet friends of Jack Sparrow while exploring this place. The museum is dedicated to pirate artifacts and formerly known as the Pirate Soul Museum. It will transport you 300 years back to the Golden Age of Piracy. The museum has many exhibits and pirate tours.

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Fort Jefferson

Where: Key West, FL

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This is an unfinished coastal fortress with a massive structure and composed of over 16 million bricks. The building covers 16 acres and is one of the largest in the country. If you're down in the keys drinking beer and eating shrimp, make a stop at this historic and monumental place. You can also take advantage and snorkel around the waters of this building.

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