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18 Airbnbs In Florida That You Won't Believe Actually Exist

Have you ever been woken up from a dream within a dream? Well, these Airbnbs in Florida will make you reconsider your idea of a fairy tale. You'll probably stop staying at hotels and resorts after you discover these magical mansions and houses. 

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Away from the beach, you'll see Disney-inspired Airbnbs and over-the-top houses including all the comforts you'll ever need. With all the entertainment around, you won't need to travel far away.

Whatever the size of your group, these will be the best locations. If you're planning a bachelor or bachelorette party, that's even better. Stay away from the common tourist areas and explore Florida in all of its wonders. 

Mansion With Ice Rink

Where: Kissimmee

You can continue to practice your ice skating lessons when you have an ice rink at your Airbnb. This mansion is boredom-free and will keep your friends entertained at all times. Not only is it a fun place to wake up in, but you can also escape the constant storms in Florida. Evacuate in style and stay for the fun. It's located six miles away from Disney and features a golf simulator, arcade room and in-home theater.

Villa Blanca

Where: Fort Lauderdale

For those wanting to experience luxury at its best, stay at this waterfront villa. The mansion has three bedrooms equipped with king-size beds and is perfect for couples looking for a retreat. Wake up in the morning and enjoy views from the riverside dock with a cup of coffee. You can enjoy the saltwater pool while overlooking the bay. Once you post this place on Instagram, your friends will be so jealous. In the end, who doesn't want to wake up like J.Lo?

Reunion Resort

Where: Kissimmee

This Airbnb is a dream come true for Disney Lovers. Situated on the Reunion Golf Resort, you'll find Disney-themed rooms and paraphernalia, a luxurious pool, an arcade room, a Harry Potter room and endless entertainment from ping pong to pool. With five bedrooms, this is the perfect girls' getaway. Did we mention the spa?

Villa Belle

Where: Kissimmee

This space will make you feel like a true Disney princess. It may not be cheap, but the magic is worth the price. From a superhero-themed game room to an infinity pool with a bar, you'll be living in true paradise. There's even a room with a life-like train with hidden beds inside. This unique treasure that mixes childlike wonder with elegant sophistication can't be topped.

Luxury Reunion Mansion

Where: Kissimmee

You can immerse yourself in hyper-realistic Harry Potter and Frozen-themed rooms to satisfy your nostalgic desires. For the fancy adult in you, you can indulge in the enormous back patio with a flatscreen tv situated right next to a glorious palm tree-surrounded pool equipped with a waterfall, grotto and spillover spa. You can relax and watch your favorite Disney movies in the home theater with plush recliners.

Small World Castle

Where: Kissimmee

Take a journey to the happiest place on earth when you sleep at this modern castle. You can fit up to 24 people in this luxurious, 17-bed home. The place features superhero and Disney princess-inspired bedrooms, an entertainment room, a themed home theater and even a basketball court. You'll be playing hide and seek, as some rooms are hidden and it's easy to get lost in. Each corner around this house welcomes adventure and is the perfect unforgettable getaway.

Mickey Mouse Mansion

Where: Kissimmee

This is a 12-bedroom villa overlooking the golf course. Start your staycation at the pool area, have a snack at the breakfast bar, veg out in the home theater with 12 leather recliners and get your game on at the mini bowling alley. If you can't find your kids, that means they're at the secret room playing in the ball pit. The mansion also features video arcade games, a private swimming pool and even a gym. Also, if you want a break from your family, head to the spa room with a sauna and steam room. No need to make an appointment when everything is indoors.

Harry Potter Home

Where: Kissimmee

You can unleash your inner Hermoine in this immersive Harry Potter-themed mansion full of wizardry. The palace sleeps 13 guests with five ultra-realistic themed bedrooms. Relax in the pool, get your game on with classic video games on the Nintendo Switch and even dine like they do at Hogwarts at a long wood table under a flickering chandelier and floating candles. Whether you're a Hufflepuff or a Gryffindor, you'll fit right in.

The Great Escape

Where: Clermont

This is the perfect place for a family retreat. If you have a big, Home Alone-style travel crew, this is the place to be. The mansion fits up to 43 people and has incredible themed rooms. You'll get to enjoy an actual escape room, an arcade, a movie theater, a giant chess board game, a big pool with waterslides, a lazy river and even a Monopoly-inspired bedroom. This mansion has been featured in The Guinness Book of World Records. You will make memories for a lifetime.

The Bowling Alley

Where: Four Corners

This is the ideal spot for a bachelor party escape. This is the perfect Villa to spend one last time with your friends without worrying about checking in with your S.O. The luxury mansion has a basketball court, home theater, poker room, bowling alley, pool with beach entry, sauna and 10 bedrooms. Disney is only 5.5 miles away in case you want to leave the villa. But, with all these amenities, who will ever want to leave?

Drive-In Home Theater

Where: Kissimmee

The level of uniqueness of this Airbnb is priceless. Give yourself and your friends the vacation of your dreams when you stay here. You'll love the "drive-in" indoor theater with a truck bed and projector. You can choose from a pirate-themed bedroom that will make you feel like you're in Pirates of the Caribbean, a castle-themed bedroom and several King-sized rooms with astonishing lake views. There's even a Dinosaur-themed arcade with a life-size T-Rex. Need we say more?

Miami Vice Mansion

Where: Port Orange

This 6,000-square-foot indoor paradise is waiting for you and 9 of your friends to party in it. With a solar-heated swimming pool and spa, you will be "livin' la vida loca." With beach access only about six miles away, you can sink your toes in the sand but once you catch a glimpse of the pool, you may never want to leave. An added bonus is the affordable cost. With ten guests at $703 per night, each person will pay only $70 a night.

Modern Gated Oasis

Where: Davie

For a cool birthday soiree, book this mansion and plan an elegant dinner with elegant decor. The luxury amenities include club lighting, an exotic dancer platform with a pole, a theater room and a heated pool with a waterfall and jacuzzi. You'll probably spend lots of time in the bathroom when you see all the marble floors and walls. It's luxury at its finest.

Magic Mansion

Where: Bal Harbour

If you've ever wanted to feel like a true celebrity, this is the place to do it. This mansion truly lives up to its name with 12,000 square feet of waterfront paradise, where the ocean is literally the front porch. You may never want to leave the massive pool deck surrounded by palm trees and plush lounge chairs. Catch some shade in the elegant patio area by the pool and indulge in some mimosas or mojitos for a true retreat.

Mermaid Cove

Where: Key West

Feel like Ariel for a weekend at this funky house. This place has four private cottages with amazing oceanic decor. Invite your mermaid friends to spend the weekend at one of Key West's best Airbnbs. This nautical getaway is located in historic Old Town Key West and it's totally acceptable to be a beach bum for a whole day (or week). It holds 12 guests, so consider it the perfect tropical shack for your girl's bachelorette experience.

Treehouse at Danville

Where: Geneva

Your childhood dreams will finally come true here. Stay at this original 15-foot-high treehouse while enjoying five acres of immersive nature. This is the perfect place to stargaze and enjoy s'mores by the fire pit. The location is surrounded by giant oak and magnolia trees. It even has a tree trunk elevator. Indulge a private shower, air-conditioning and soothing accent lighting for the perfect outdoor escape.

Mancave Apartment

Where: Geneva

This immaculate active airplane hangar turned Airbnb is for the real globetrotters. This unique and funky getaway is perfect for a bachelor party. The facility has an active garage where they work on farm equipment remodel classic cars. You'll even have the opportunity to learn how to milk a pygmy goat for a real hands-on experience. You might even see neighbors flying unusual aircraft around the Airbnb. Take on the flight and enjoy an unforgettable weekend.

The Yurt at Danville

Where: Geneva

If you want to mix a boho experience with a luxury stay, you may want to check out this at this nature lovers' bohemian yurt. It's one of the most romantic places to stay for your honeymoon or anniversary. If you're looking to host a low-key and unique wedding, this is the perfect spot. You'll feel like a gypsy princess at this humble escape that includes a skylight, mini kitchen, firepit and barbecue grill. You may even get to witness the nearby Alpacas roaming around.

Florida is a (literal) hot spot when it comes to some of the best vacay spots. With all of these options, there's something for every group and every price range.

These prices and terms of occupancy are confirmed at the time of publishing, but they can change at any time.

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