22 Surreal Places In Miami You Won't Believe Really Exist

A haven with hidden gems
22 Surreal Places In Miami You Won't Believe Really Exist

Miami is more than palm trees and bars. The city has unusual places and almost forgotten. A drive through Old Culter Road or Homestead will take you on a mini vacay.

No need to travel when you have vacation right at home. Take the weekend off and explore the surreal places Miami has around. Some of these places require a bit of a drive, but that's the best part of the adventure. 

Aventura Mall Flamingo Wall

Where: 19501 Biscayne Blvd, Aventura

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This place is completely new but is all over social media. The shopping mall has transformed into a paradise with flamingo floats and colorful walls. It is a two-story flamingo mural that will step up your Instagram game. If you love pink, then come here with your favorite outfit and take some pictures.

Everglades National Park

Where: 40001 State Road 9336, Homestead

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The Everglades is home to many alligators and snakes. But don't worry, they won't bite (if you don't get too close). There are many things to do here. You can go camping, boating, cycling, kayaking, and fishing. Maybe a little bit of hiking too. You can also take one of the airboat ride tours and explore the wildlife.

Historic Curtiss Mansion

Where: 500 Deer Run, Miami Springs

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This is the perfect place to say I Do. If you want to impress your girlfriend take her on a tour inside Curtiss Mansion. This is a historic villa with amazing gardens. It has been restored over the years and now hosts special events. If you are planning the event of your life, we recommend this mansion.


Where: Key Biscayne, FL 33149

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The wood stilt houses stand in the middle of the ocean one mile south of Cape Florida. You have to get by boat to see the surreal houses. Back in the 1950s, this was the place to be and be seen. After Hurricane King, most of the stilt houses were damaged and sold. Explore what remains of the houses and take a trip with your friends. You can jump into the ocean and make your own exclusive party.

Coral Castle

Where: 28655 S Dixie Hwy, Homestead

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The oolite limestone castle is located in Homestead and it can't get more surreal than this. An eccentric man used to live here with no real bed or furniture. Everything here was built from stone and remains one of the most surreal places in Miami. The place is great for pictures. If you can't make it to Machu Pichu this will do. Maybe you can stay for a night and watch the stars.

Spanish Monastery

Where: 16711 Dixie Hwy, North Miami Beach

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You will feel like in medieval times at this place. This is not your usual Miami. This is a place to feel like a princess and wait for your Romeo. Maybe you can convince your man to do a photoshoot here. Many people come here to take their engagement pictures.

Vizcaya Museum

Where: 3251 S Miami Ave, Miami

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Each room at this mansion is surreal. You can see engraved snakes on the ceiling and unique doors. The place looks like it came out from a fairy tale. Walk around the gardens to discover the beautiful pool or the stone structured boat. Inside the mansion, there's also a beautiful spiral staircase. The more you stroll, the more you discover.

Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

Where: 10901 Old Cutler Rd, Coral Gables

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The 83-acre botanic garden has a hidden waterfall and a bunch of rare plants. The place basically looks like a jungle. Come here for a picnic or explore and see all the different butterfly species. They have more butterflies than the lower backs of a 90s rooftop patio.

There's a lot to do at Fairchild Gardens including events, photo shoots, party and learning about gardening. The exhibits change every season and it's a great opportunity to see a different side of Miami.

Leah Arts District

Where: 1055 E 15th St, Hialeah

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This is another art district in Miami with the added perk of not much tourist congestion. This area continues to grow and you will find unique murals, unlike Wynwood. It's located in Hialeah (and yes, the city has a bad rep because of the traffic and drivers). The district is making a real effort to host monthly events to attract visitors. We suggest you visit before it grows in popularity. No matter how long it takes you to get here, it's a place worth visiting.

Pinecrest Gardens

Where: 11000 Red Rd, Pinecrest

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Come here for a picnic or enjoy one of their many events. The garden is a great place to escape from the noisy city. You would've never thought this secret garden was in the middle of Miami. Once you visit this place, you'll probably keep it a secret too. You will find many birds, swans, and sometimes garden snakes.

Biscayne National Park

Where: 9700 SW 328th Street, Sir Lancelot Jones Way, Homestead

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Come here to explore the coral reefs. You can go snorkeling or paddle boarding. The islands are only accessible by boat and you can also explore the shipwrecks at the underwater Maritime Heritage Trail. Here you can also find a lighthouse without the extra wait line from Bill Baggs.

Newport Fishing Pier

Where: 16501 Collins Avenue

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For a more relaxed vibe, take a stroll at the pier and enjoy the sunset. This place has an amazing view of surreal sunsets. You can go fishing for only $5 and just enjoy the ocean breeze while waiting for a good catch.

Topgolf Miami Gardens

Where: 17321 NW 7th Ave, Miami Gardens

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Create a golf night with your friends and join one of their party events. Golfing is very popular in Miami and better if you come at night and enjoy great food and beer.

Schnebly Redland's Winery

Where: 30205 SW 217th Ave, Homestead

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Have you ever tried fruity wine? (And no, I'm not just talking grapes). This place has a unique wine list as well as its own brewery. It's located in the Redlands and is perfect for wine tasting event. Enjoy a glass of wine by their natural coral waterfalls.

Paradise Farms

Where: 19801 SW 320th St, Homestead

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This is one of the cutest bed and breakfasts in Miami. There's a natural pool and they have amazing slash very healthy breakfasts. The farms have a holistic atmosphere. You will feel at peace as soon as you come here.

Walton House

Where: 28501 SW 187th Ave, Homestead

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This is a 5-acre tropical paradise with a charming house. The historic house is surrounded by flamingos, swans, parrots, Japanese coys, cranes, giant tortoises, a beautiful flower garden, and adorable monkeys. You can take a tour or plan your next event at this exotic place.

Black Point Marina

Where: 24775 SW 87th Ave, Homestead

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It is the largest public marina located in Miami. Come and take a boat ride and explore the beautiful east coast. The marina has a nice restaurant with seafood options. There's always a local band playing and reminding you that summer is not over yet.

Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

Where: 1200 Crandon Blvd, Key Biscayne

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Here you will find the oldest standing structure in Miami. A great place for recreation and grilling some BBQ. Tour the inside of the lighthouse before sunset and make sure you get as much beach time in as possible. You can also go camping and fishing.

Deering Estate

Where: 16701 SW 72nd Ave, Miami

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Travel back to the 1920s at the estate. This place is classy, charming, and historic. The palm trees make you feel like you're an old Hollywood star. It'ss a great place to celebrate a wedding or just visit and do yoga.

HM69 Nike Missile Base

Where: Research Road, Homestead

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You can tell this is a ghost town. Now abandoned, they used to test rocket fuels here. The remaining rockets were just left here and now it's a place for explorers. A lot of people come here to take pictures.

Miami Marine Stadium

Where: 3501 Rickenbacker Causeway, Miami

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The stadium used to serve as a venue for powerboat racing. Now it's abandoned and full of graffiti. You can come here to just watch the sunset or explore the derelict structure.

Virginia Key Beach Park

Where: 4020 Virginia Beach Drive, Miami-Dade

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This island in Miami is great for paddle boarding or just to come and get a good tan. Explore the 863-acre land and enjoy a bike ride. This is the Miami you wish you've always known.

Now you have a list of places to visit whenever you feel bored or when all your friends are busy. We recommend bringing one person with you for some of the locations. You don't want to find yourself alone at the Everglades or have try to find your way out at Virginia Key.

Rain or shine, there's always a fun place to visit in Miami. The ones accessible by boat are one of the locals' favorites.

Explore and wander around, and give yourself a break from the shopping mall. You won't regret it.