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25 Favorite Coffee Shops In Miami That Are Too Cute To Pass Up

A caffeine dose to quiet the noise
25 Favorite Coffee Shops In Miami That Are Too Cute To Pass Up

Less is more except when is coffee. We all need a dose of caffeine by 3 o' clock and especially when your kids are making you want to call out the next morning. Almost in every corner of Miami, there's a coffee shop ready to welcome you with its warm aroma.

Cafe o' clock is a real thing and if you're in need of a caffeine fix, Miami has the best coffee shops to relax and enjoy a colada. Some of these places specialize in organic coffee, Cuban coffee, and some of them have delicious pastries and food to accompany your drink.

It's the drink that keeps you active, motivated, and alert. So take a break from your kids and hit one of these coffee shops with your bestie. You'll probably lose track of time and join the coffee culture. Once you visit each location you would have become a certified coffeepreneur.  

House of Per'La

Where: 2626 Ponce de Leon Blvd, Coral Gables

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This place is hidden in the heart of Downton Coral Gables and serves uncomplicated specialty coffee. We recommend you try El Chavo espresso drink and stay for breakfast. The quaint coffee shop has a delicious menu and the best corner to relax and sip on your coffee.

Ella Cafe Plantation

Where: 9743 W Broward Blvd, Plantation

This will become your favorite spot to meet your friends for coffee + chat. The location is inspired in European style coffee shops and it's one of the few places that offer macadamia nut milk. This month try their pumpkin spice praline latte and french toast latte. You can order home-made mocha sauce and a delicious salad from their menu. It's the perfect shop to study or meet your friend for a tête-à-tête. 

Crema Gourmet Espresso Bar

Where: 169 Miracle Mile R40, Coral Gables

If you're done with business for the day and picking up your kids from school, stop for a quick cappuccino. The patio seating is the best area to do people watching and watch the beautiful sunset from Coral Gables. 

Brewing Buddha Cafe & Arthouse

Where: 8219 SW 124th St, Miami

This artsy coffee shop brings grandma's style coffee creations. The place feels like a garden and you'll love their unique creations. Instead of the same old pumpkin spice, order a pumpkin pie latte made with real pumpkin and creamy caramel. Check out their Miami Herald book and start an intellectual conversation with your friends. 

My Cupcake World

Where: 262 Andalusia Ave, Coral Gables

Sometimes you can't escape your kids, but they can join you for coffee and ice cream. This whimsical shop offers coffee, ice cream, and a delectable menu. The shop looks like a fairy tale and you'll adore that is hidden from main streets. It's a bit difficult to find, but you'll be glad you did. Try their hot chocolate with real chocolate on the edge. Not a bad way to end a busy day. 

Shepherd Artisan Coffee

Where: 919 Collins Ave, Miami Beach

This coffee shop is in the middle of the party scene of South Beach. You won't even feel that you're a few blocks away from Mangos. The place has indoor and outdoor seating with a small library selection. Order a real Italian espresso, grab a book, and escape reality. 

Mister Block Cafe

Where: 2621 NW 2nd Ave, Miami

The block in Wynwood where art, culture, and music meet. The shop serves Counter Culture Coffee -  great in flavor and freshly brewed. Your kids will not find you at this place. 

Vice City Bean

Where: 1657 N Miami Ave unit c, Miami

This neighborhood coffee bar has a great environment serving specialty coffee. Escape your mom duties and try a matcha latte or nitro coffee. Complete your order with their croissants, donuts, or sandwiches. 

Pasion Del Cielo Coffee

Where: 100 Giralda Ave, Coral Gables

You'll be sent to heaven after trying the coffee at this place. The coffee shop has a great selection of coffee from around the world. You can choose beans from Hawaii, Nicaragua, or Colombia. It's a great spot to escape a rainy day and the screams from little Johnny. 

The Salty Donut

Where: 50 NW 23rd St #112, Miami

Donuts and coffee always go well together. The Salty Donut's coffee bar has a great drink selection that will pair with your artisanal donut. Choose a unique drink such as cinnamon toast crunch latte or a salted caramel latte. One cup won't be enough. 

La Colada Gourmet

Where: 1518 SW 8th St, Miami

This is the house of Cuban coffee. Try a real colada at this shop and enjoy cultural coffee. You might get a little drunk if you order the Cafe BomBom Borracho - a mix of espresso, condensed milk, and rum. 

Ann's Florist and Coffee Bar

Where: 1001 E Las Olas Blvd, Fort Lauderdale

Take an hour break at this flower/coffee shop. The flower wall seating spot is the best in the house. Order your cappuccino and join your friend for an afternoon of delight. You might end up at their wine bar after this. 

All Day

Where: 1035 N Miami Ave, Miami

Coffee is served all day every day at this shop. Vogue calls it "The best cup of coffee in Miami". This is not your classical menu. All Day serves pour over, nitro, double shot, cupping, and other coffee creations we encourage you to discover. They also serve not coffee options and food. 

Nespresso Cafe

Where: 1105 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach

If you're loyal to Nespresso coffee, stop here for a quick break if your kids don't let you shop at peace. We suggest the iced honey turmeric latte for those hot Miami days. The place has great seating area for you and your kids.  

Juan Valdez Café

Where: 101 NE 2nd Ave, Miami

This is the best Colombian coffee shop in town. Here you will try pure Colombian coffee and a great mocha. Also, take home a bag of coffee beans and wake up each morning with the fresh smell of brew. 

Eternity Coffee Roasters

Where: 117 SE 2nd Ave, Miami

This coffee shop roasts their own beans and does pour-over style coffee. Escape the mundane lifestyle and try the farm-to-mug coffee. 

White Rose Coffee

Where: 6246 SW 8th St, West Miami

Get your Miami fall fix with an iced rose latte. If you want to be more adventurous order the Mexican mocha latte or golden milk latte. This place is hard to miss and you'll enjoy the minimalist vibes. 

Blue Bottle Coffee

Where: 3818 NE 1st Ave, Miami

Keep yourself caffeinated with an upscale coffee drink. This trendy coffee shop serves unique coffee like the Oji - Japanese style cold brew. It's the right place to feel fancier and order an avo toast. 

Imperial Moto Cafe

Where: 7299 NW 2nd Ave

Good coffee with edgy vibes. Meet your crew after church at this motorcycle-inspired shop. Explore the vintage motorcycle gallery while enjoying a good cup of Counter Culture Coffee. 

Cafe Demetrio

Where: 300 Alhambra Cir, Coral Gables

This artisanal coffee house has a great patio to enjoy a quiet afternoon. The shop has an 18th-century European style and brings the original concept of a coffee house. Here you can meet your artistic friends and talk about poems and life's dilemma. It's the first coffee house of Coral Gables and it continues to serve great cappuccinos. Get lost in a game of chess, a book, or just enjoy the breezy fall afternoon. 

Le Marché Café

Where: 1700 SW 2nd Ave, Miami

The modern coffee shop is perfect for millennials and entrepreneurs. The small seating area makes it very intimate and quaint. Try their chocolate croissants with a cappuccino. You'll forget you have kids waiting for you at home. 

Tinta y Cafe

Where: 1315 Ponce de Leon Blvd, Coral Gables

You can either order the coffee at their window or sit down and enjoy the art. This place serves original Cuban sandwiches with the best cortadito you'll ever taste. After a few visits, you'll become loyal to Cuban style coffee. 

Limited Edition Coffee

Where: 7580 NE 4th Ct, Miami

Learn coffeeology at this rustic artisanal coffee shop. The place has a euro-style vibe serving delicious Italian coffee. Relax and escape Miami with a Nutelino or Marocchino coffee. The place has an artsy and relaxing vibe you can only find in MiMo district. 

Macondo Coffee Roasters

Where: 2494 NW 89th Pl, Doral

If you're looking a good place to check your emails, we recommend Macondo. This place serves house-roasted Colombian coffee. The shop is decorated with coffee bags and beans around the tables. Sometimes you'll find live music and a free couch to enjoy a conversation with friends. 

Brew Urban Cafe

Where: 37 NW 1st Ave Suite B, Fort Lauderdale

This place is a little bit of a drive, but so worth it. The place is near the train tracks and is perfect for the artistic soul. You'll find an extensive book collection and one of the best baristas in town. The unique decor will make you feel at home. There's nothing more meaningful than connecting with a friend over a cup of coffee. This is the place to try all sorts of coffee brewing -  V60 pour over, Silverton, French press, Aeropress, and even cold brew nitro. 

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