Everyone who travels to Miami comes to the South Beach and to the touristy spots. Many people forget to explore the rich culture and different restaurants around the city. It's time you get out of your comfort zone and grab an uber. 

Miami's suburban neighborhoods have great restaurants that only locals know about. Some of these restaurants are underrated and hidden from the public. If you are a foodie by heart and want to experience great cuisine follow this list. 

All you need to know is, these restaurants might be behind your house and you've probably have missed them because you're too focused on getting to the hot-and-new restaurant in town. Forget that and experience the real Miami underground food scene. 

Palmar Miami

Where: 180 NW 29th St, Miami

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When Chinese cuisine meets tropical vibes, a great restaurant is born. Their Dim Sum is made in house and they serve great roasted duck. The environment is relaxed, hip, and cool. It was nominated as the Best Chinese Restaurant in the Miami New Times.



Where: 6927 Biscayne Blvd, Miami

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The restaurant has a wine bar and great Greek cuisine. They offer performances usually on the weekends with a casual ambiance. The place is small and loved by locals in the area. Currently, they have the #lovewall if you are looking for the perfect Instagram moment. You will probably stay here for hours talking with your friends over a glass of wine.


El Carajo International Tapas & Wines

Where: 2465 SW 17th Ave, Miami

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Would you believe this restaurant is at a gas station? Carajo means 'f*ck' in English. Outside looks simple but inside is a different story. Their menu offers great tapas, wine, and seafood. Here you will try one of the best paellas and sangrias. It's a great hidden place to bring your date.


Mandolin Aegean Bistro

Where: 4312 NE 2nd Ave, Miami

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Imagine a 1930's house turned into a restaurant. Mandolin's menu consists of refined versions of Greek and Turkish cuisine. Locals like coming here for brunch but their dinner is good too. Reservations are required as it is always busy on weekends. This is where the cool girls come to brunch.


Bangkok Bangkok

Where: 12584 N Kendall Dr, Miami

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This is a traditional Thai restaurant with years of business. They offer healthy options, comfort food, and quick bites. If you are looking for a laidback atmosphere with amazing food, don't hesitate to come here. Tea is always served and suggested as part of the meal. You won't regret it.

Café Roval

Where: 5808 NE 4th Ct, Miami

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Don't get fooled by the facade outside. The place might look antiquated from the outside but the menu is exquisite. It is set in a historic coral building with a great patio seating. If you want an intimate experience with your bae, make reservations at this place.



Where: 5556 NE 4th Ct, Miami

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Soyka also has an intimate atmosphere with gourmet food. Any time of the day, the menu is excellent. It is located in one of the oldest neighborhoods in Miami. You can host a party and enjoy live jazz on the weekends. Try the 'Soyka Burger' — it's one of their most popular items.


Lemoni Cafe

Where: 4600 NE 2nd Ave #8, Miami

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Eat good, feel good is their motto. Lemoni is a small cafe located in Buena Vista. They have a long menu with many options. This is the place to sit with your friends for hours while waiting for the rain to stop. No need to spend hundreds of dollars on a meal when Lemoni is open.


Phuc Yea

Where: 7100 Biscayne Blvd, Miami

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Get the best pho in town at this Vietnamese restaurant. The 'Pho Bo' is the real deal. They have indoor and outdoor seatings. The menu is inspired by the flavors of The Mekong. This will not be your classic Viet spot.


NOA Cafe

Where: 2711 NE 2nd Ave, Miami

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This looks like a little house instead of a restaurant. Noa's menu offers Mediterranean and Asian cuisine. The place is casual and perfect to have a conversation over dinner. This is probably the most quaint restaurant on this list.


Jack's Home Cooking

Where: 900 S Miami Ave, Miami

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Great homemade food and location. The house style restaurant knows the importance of a good meal. The place doesn't look fancy but the service is. They keep their menu simple but always tasty.



Where: 10437 NW 41st St, Doral

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They are awarded as the best pizza in Doral. This suburban restaurant offers whole wheat pizza and healthy smoothies. For those ladies trying to eat healthy but struggle with avoiding comfort food, Michi's has done half of the work for you. Here you can eat without worrying about the calories too much.


Lulu in the Grove

Where: 3105 Commodore Plaza

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Usually, reservation is required for this restaurant but if you come early you can get a table. Grab your girlfriends and go for brunch. Lulu's brunch menu consists of eight waffle variations and seven different omelets. Your hashtags will be #youcansitwithus but #youcanteatmyfood.


The Alchemist

Where: 2430 NE 13th Ave, Wilton Manor

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Do you need coffee with every meal? This place will fulfill your java wishes. This is the place where you can order a mushroom and avocado pizza with an iced coffee on the side. You can either add golden milk or have it plain. Their menu also has breakfast for those early risers.


La Latina

Where: 3509 NE 2nd Ave, Miami

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It is a Venezuelan restaurant that serves one of the best arepas in town. They have empanadas and soups as well, but you want to come for the arepas. Complete your meal with an order of tequeños. The 'Reina Pepiada' is the best seller and contains chicken salad with avocado.


Glam Vegan

Where: 3301 NE 1st Ave Suite 103-1, Miami

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Vegan lovers are loyal customers of Glam Vegan. Every day the soup menu changes but the rest keeps the same. Everything is meat-free and they have the best salad bowls. If you are not vegan maybe you will become one after trying their amazing desserts.


Rail 71 Cafe

Where: 7255 NE 4th Ave #111, Miami

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A great place for salads, sandwiches, and avo toasts. If you are looking for the perfect summer toast Instagram image, then come here and try the '71 Tuna Toast.' It's a great place to just grab a quick lunch or meet up for coffee.


Cream Parlor

Where: 8224 Biscayne Blvd, Miami

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Even though they are known for their ice cream, Cream Parlor also serves amazing breakfast and lunch. Their avocado toast comes with a twist. Have you ever tried avo with honey and goat cheese? You'll become a fan of this take on millennials' favorite alternative to owning a home. If you are looking for something more refreshing order a salad and finish with purple rain ice cream.


SAWA Restaurant & Lounge

Where: 360 San Lorenzo Ave #1500, Coral Gables

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You don't need to hop on a plane to try great Mediterranean food. SAWA offers a mix of Japanese and Middle Eastern cuisine. The sushi and poke style bowls are amazing. You can enjoy your meal while enjoying a belly dance performance as well.


107 Taste

Where: 1679 SW 107th Ave, Miami

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College students love coming here. It's a bit of Asia in Miami. Try their bubble tea and Korean rice bowl. The pork bun is a chef's favorite and a great way to start your lunch break. Keep in mind that the plates are full sizes.


Morgan's Restaurant

Where: 28 NE 29th St, Miami

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This is one of the most visited restaurants in the neighborhood for brunch. You can bring your furry friends and enjoy your meal on their patio. Or, you can host a special brunch with friends and sit at one of their colorful rooms on the second floor. The menu offers sandwiches, tasty smoothies, pizzas, tacos, waffles, pancakes, and everything you could think of.


Chocolate Fashion

Where: 248 Andalusia Ave, Coral Gables

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We all love chocolate and fashionable things. The quaint shop offers breakfast and brunch with a great selection of sweets. Come with your fancy friend, have a cappuccino and croissant, and live life à la Audrey Hepburn. You will feel like a true Parisian at this restaurant.


Organic Bites

Where: 7010 Biscayne Blvd, Miami

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Order some organic comfort food for lunch or come here with coworkers. A place for those looking to watch their weight but still enjoy great food. Being healthy does not have to be expensive, and Organic Bites knows that. They have amazing sandwiches, organic soups, salads, a full brunch menu, and cold pressed juices.


Marfil Bistro

Where: 8347 NW 36th St, Doral

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The menu is a mix of Mediterranean with modern cuisine. The ambiance and service are outstanding. Come for brunch, lunch, or dinners. We recommend you choose their tapas and appetizers to share. Their goat cheese croquettes and strawberry tuna tartare are one of the best. Everything here is gourmet.


Tacos & Tattoos

Where: 10720 SW 113th Pl, Miami

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Celebrate food and culture with good beer and tacos. This artsy restaurant is family-owned and serves amazing tacos with a Caribbean twist. Their menu is a fusion of flavors serving distinct taco styles that are inspired by traditional recipes. It's the speakeasy of tacos.


Patagonia Nahuen

Where: 10375 NW 41st St, Doral

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Your Latin neighbor probably frequents this place. Patagonia is like an empanada factory that has every flavor you could think of. It might not be the cutest place in the world to bring a date but it's always super delicious. Also, try their selection of grilled meats.


Mr. & Mrs. Bun

Where: 15572 Sunset Dr, Miami

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Come here for the short rib sandwich. No matter what you order, this restaurant is the best combination of Peruvian and American influences. This comfort food restaurant has soups, empanadas, sandwiches, and the yummiest appetizers. If you're a foodie and Instagrammer, then you will fall in love with them.


Pisco y Nazca Ceviche Gastrobar

Where: 8405 Mills Dr #260, Miami

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If you love ceviche, this place will keep you full and satisfy. The menu consists of casuas, lomo saltado, chaufa, and ceviche samplers. You can either order their full plate of ceviche or try different ones. Peruvian cuisine is the best one for seafood lovers.


Ghee Indian Kitchen

Where: 8965 SW 72nd Pl, Kendall

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Experience spirituality and the kitchen of an Indian home. You will taste the best Gujarat inspired dishes by chef Niven Patel. All dishes and ingredients come from his farm in The Redlands. Here you will have an explosion of taste with the menu featuring rice, curries, vegetables, grilled plates, and also vegetarian plates. Ghee means pure, which you know you'll be getting pure food.


The best thing about these restaurants is the accessibility. You don't need to book weeks in advance to get a seat. Most of these places accept walk-ins without reservations. Enjoy and bon appétit.