If you're looking for culture, diversity, flair, you name it, Miami is often your go-to place. Full of exotic and colorful fashions, amazing foods of all ethnic backgrounds, gorgeous sunsets, killer sunrises, and beach babes galore, Miami is a tropical paradise without a doubt. 

Instagram has been a huge player in the growth of well-deserving bloggers and Miami has some of the best. Plus we all know, aesthetically pleasing pages are absolutely addicting.

Miami has a style all its own, thriving on its tropical roots, and our 'grammer's know it. Whether it's food, fashion, health, or the beach, these ladies are absolutely killing the game. And they certainly deserve to be shared ...

1. Blair Badge // @blairbadge

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Type of Instagrammer: Luxury Beauty

With dreamy underexposed white tones in her photos and unique location choices, Blair is one to watch. This digital marketer is not only experienced but talented. She focuses on luxury beauty and consumer goods and we think you should focus on her!


2. Erin Nicole // @erinnicolebeauty

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Type of Instagrammer: Beauty, Fashion

Erin is a fashion blogger you need to be following. With her tropical luxury aesthetic, Erin's page screams 'Miami.' She is also is a YouTuber, with over 750K views on her beauty tutorials!


3. Christie Ferrari // @christie_ferrari

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Type of Instagrammer: Style, Wellness

This Miami-born blogger and doctor — yes, we said 'doctor' — is completely slaying Instagram. Not only is she helping to normalize daily struggles with the help of her psych degree, she's also posting thrilling photos and blogs about fashion and her world travels.


4. Kino MacGregor // @kinoygoa

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Type of Instagrammer: Fitness

Kino's smile is infectious. Even when she's twisted up into the most awesome-looking pretzel, her joy is the first thing you notice! But it certainly took hard work down a long road. This Miami Beach yogi is blowing the minds of her followers with her honesty and her skills. Catch one of her worldwide workshops if you want to see her in action and test your skills!


5. Floriane Paris // @afrenchieinmiami

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Type of Instagrammer: City Life

Floriane is a French babe we are more than happy to have in Florida! This event planner works for The Vibe Agency and has an upbeat style that promotes health and happiness. It's safe to say this Frenchie definitely belongs in the MIA.

6. Shelley Baeza // @shellsandchampagne

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Type of Instagrammer: Travel

This Miami-based beauty is all about creativity. And she's not afraid to share her feelings with her followers! Shelley's thoughts on the key to happiness? "Don't settle." And we think she's got a point!

7. Claudia Gomez // @claudiagomezph

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Type of Instagrammer: Photography

Claudia is a Miami-based photographer and Instagrammer who is taking portrait photography to the next level. Her underexposed and often moody shots make her IG stand out in a sea of sunshine. You do you, Claudia! We're loving it.


8. Danni Ponce // @danniponce

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Type of Instagrammer: Fashion, Beauty

This Miami gal loves style and a smile. Just take a look at her page! Danni is as upbeat and starry-eyed as her blog claims. Plus, we love a girl who can take fitness to a fashionable level. Every body is a beach body, and Danni is rockin' hers!


9. Nicole Mejia // @nicole_mejia

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Type of Instagrammer: Fitness

Speaking of fitness, you may have heard about a not-so-little 'grammer named Nicole Mejia. This fitness goddess is not only a self-made queen, she's also super proud of her Latina roots, (as she should be!), and knows that all bodies are beautiful and so are the people inside them! Need to get your sweat on? Try her Fit & Thick program!


10. Brianna Philippe // @sevenmornings_

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Type of Instagrammer: Lifestyles

Bri is proof that you don't need 100k followers to have a gorgeous Instagram! This beauty is spreading positivity through "self-love, wellness, and personal development," just as her website says. And her style? On. Point. We love this 'grammer and think you will, too.


11. Michelle Zavala // @zavalagal

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Type of Instagrammer: Beauty

Though she be but little, she is fierce! Michelle Zavala runs a Miamian's dream beauty blog filled with all sorts of tips and tricks to look great despite the Florida heat! And her IG is filled with floral-patterned photos. As her blog says: BE BOLD, BABY!


12. Gaby Garrigan // @dressmeforless

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Type of Instagrammer: Fashion

Gaby knows how to look good on a budget! Whether it's by the beach or by the pool, this gal knows how to make the Florida heat seem cool! Her Insta is filled with fresh fashion and will help any Miami girl look their best for less!


13. Andrea Benzo // @styleurmood

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Type of Instagrammer: Luxury Lifestyles, Fashion

Who doesn't love a girl who loves to have fun!? Andrea splits her time between Miami and Savannah and knows how to be stylish in the south. Her motto? Dress for the mood of the day. And Andrea certainly does!


14. Imara Kataainama // @imara_kataainama

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Type of Instagrammer: Fashion, Natural Wellness

Imara has a style all her own. This naturalist is sharing everything from fashion to healing crystals on her Insta. She even changed her name from Elodie to Imara Kataainama which in Swahili directly translates to "firmly stand up." Or as Imara puts it: the one who never bends.


15. Daniela Ramirez // @nany

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Type of Instagrammer: Fashion, Lifestyles

Her friends call her "Nany." Looking for an Instagram direct from the aesthetic gods? Look no further. This fashion and lifestyles blogger is setting trends and sharing tips. Even as a busy new mom, Daniela is slaying the Instagram game and seems like one down-to-earth babe.


16. Sam Schnur // @thenaughtyfork

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Type of Instagrammer: Food

Hungry anyone? Gotta love a girl who knows the value of pizza and judging from her Instagram, Sam. Loves. Pizza! Easily one of the best food vlogs in Miami, The Naughty Fork is sharing sweet treats and good eats. And her insta is making us drool. Need more of this gorgeous foodie? No prob! She's got a travel insta, too!


17. Paola Morillo // @paoomorillo

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Type of Instagrammer: Fashion, Lifestyles

Look out, Miami! Paola is here stay ... and slay! Not only does she have a feed full of gorgeous portraits, she's also a chef, foodie, and singer! Check out her story highlights for recipes and other fun tips!


18. Carolina Pérez Bustamante // @thevagabondvoyage

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Type of Instagrammer: Lifestyles

Nothing like some burnt-orange aesthetics to fulfill your Florida desires. There's no doubt Carolina's amazing photos topped with a unique editing style make her Instagram completely mesmerizing. From modeling fun fashions or shooting great flatlays, Carolina is knocking them out of the park. Or should we say over the net? You get the idea.


19. Dianna // @followdee

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Type of Instagrammer: Travel, Lifestyles

Hi, beautiful! That's what's spread across the landing page of Dianna's website. We're already obsessed with this girl! Dee has a gorgeous IG feed full of fun fashions in the Magic City, but her blog is so much more. This self-made lady is all about loving and cherishing every aspect of life. From heartbreak to failure to reaching any goal, Dee says it all makes us who we are. We're with ya, girl!


20. Chante Burkett // @chanteburkett

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Type of Instagrammer: Fashion

Chante is an Instagram goddess with the skills to back it up! She's worked with brands like JCPenny and Sephora and her blog promotes self-love, empowerment, and, of course, fashion inspo. She's a 'grammer you don't want to miss.


21. Fabi DeLuca // @facdeluca

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Type of Instagrammer: Fitness, Wellness, Lifestyles

This fun-loving babe is bringing the sunshine to Miami. And we're shocked to find out she's not a fashion blogger because her style is killer! Instead, Fabi is a yogi and health foodie who just wants to soak up the Florida sun and surf, as nature is where she feels most connected. Excuse us while we find our nearest palm tree to hug.

22. Ivana Crochet // @ivanacrochet_

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Type of Instagrammer: Fashion

Talk about aesthetics, Ivana's page is one for the books. Pun intended. This glamorous Latina vlogger is sharing her Miami life through IG, YouTube, and her personal blog! Ivana is climbing the blogging ladder and we are here for it!


23. Cortnie Elizabeth // @cortnieelizabeth

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Type of Instagrammer: Accessories, Designer

This Instagramming beauty is making waves in the Miami accessories market! From an Etsy shop with only three handbag designs to now having made over 200, this crafty creator is one to watch. Cortnie's clutches and purses are handmade with love and we just love her IG!


24. Khadija // @khkiddo

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Type of Instagrammer: Beauty, Style

Khadija is a glam 'grammer blossoming in the heart of Miami. Her makeup tutorials and lifestyles photos are all about the heart and soul of a Miami girl. She's even got her own sunglasses website that would inspire any Floridian to do a little shopping.


25. Cyd Marie // @myshoes_myself_and_i

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Type of Instagrammer: Accessories, Style

Cyd is a shoe lover, but not like the rest of us! This Miami-based animal lover is a Nordstrom personal stylist and we're not surprised! From head toe to toe, this girl is a kick in the head. Okay, we'll stop. But this is an Instagrammer you'll want to keep an eye on.

26. Daniella Duque // @daniduqued

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Type of Instagrammer: Lifestyles

One glance at her page and it's clear Dani has an eye for Insta! This Colombian babe is thriving in the MIA and is sharing tips on how to live a positive and healthy life via her personal experiences. With an eye for aesthetics, Dani's page will have you drooling.


27. Carolina Lindo // @imnotsorrydarling

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Type of Instagrammer: Fashion, Luxury Travel

Carolina's not sorry to be slaying! This Miami queen is living her dream and sharing it with us on Insta. Carolina may be a fashion blogger, but this jet-setter has a lot more to offer. Check out her story highlights for everything from travel to food to beauty.


28. Tamia // @tamiastyles

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Type of Instagrammer: Beauty, Fitness

Funny, honest, and fit, Tamia has the makings of Instagram royalty. This makeup artist is sharing her skills on IG and YouTube. Plus, she makes a point to lead a healthy lifestyle, sharing her workouts on her fitness Instagram. Tamia is the Miami MUA to follow if you want to look your best on Brickell Ave.


29. Andreina Parra // @andreinaparra

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Type of Instagrammer: Fitness, Humor

How many ways can you say cool? Andreina is a Miami local vlogger with a unique feed and an aesthetic that lures. Whether its fitness photography, fashion, or downright funny videos, this girl does it all.


30. Tamar Tzubeli // @fashionbytamar

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Type of Instagrammer: Fashion

Tamar splits her time between Miami and NYC, and basically? We're jealous. She's influencing fashions all over the east coast working as a personal shopper and stylist. And beautifully her sunlit photos are full of flowy dresses that would make any Miami girl swoon.

31. Nat McPherson // @natlovesthat

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Type of Instagrammer: Fashion

This gluten-free gal is what Instagram was made for! Sharing her love of entertainment and fashion, Nat's blog is filled with stunning photography in the sunshine state. She's even teaming up with brands like Topshop! Proof that she's got taste and talent!


32. Bianka Walker // @thebiankastyle

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Type of Instagrammer: Fashion

It's safe to say Bianka is quickly becoming IG royalty. In barely a year, her Insta has gained more than 22k followers and her blog as taken off. Her secret? Telling it like it is! Her posts radiate honesty and joy, telling little life stories to her followers in each post, and encouraging them to hang onto the good and let go of the bad.


33. Lucy Hakobian // @lucy_hakobian

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Type of Instagrammer: Fashion, Lifestyles

From finance to fashion! — Lucy started out with an MBA and three years of working in the finance industry before she switched it up to follow her passion. And we're glad she did because her Insta is giving us all the feels. Want to really be blown away? This creative beauty also speaks five languages!


34. Natasha Lee-Duhaney // @natashaleeds

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Type of Instagrammer: Fashion, Photography

It was Natasha's discovery of a love for photography that inspired her to express her individuality. Thank goodness for cameras, because now we have this beauty behind AND in front of the camera, sharing her style with all of Instagram. What we like best? That Natasha says her page "approaches fashion from an inclusive all-over-Island point of view."