5 Crazy Gelatos To Try At The Miami Gelato Fest This Weekend (PHOTOS)

Miami is hosting a Gelato Festival with all you can eat gelato.
5 Crazy Gelatos To Try At The Miami Gelato Fest This Weekend (PHOTOS)

The Gelato Festival America is taking place this Saturday and you can experience all-you-can-eat gelato at the event. The Gelato Festival America is a competition hosted by Miami, where different contestants bring different flavors of gelato to compete for the ultimate prize.

Each contestant at the Gelato Festival America has already won the gold medal at a different Gelato Festivals in America. So you'll be tasting award-winning gelato. One flavor of gelato and the person who created it will be elected by a vote by the guests and the judging panel as the Miami 2019 American Final Winner.

The Winner of the Miami 2019 American Final will receive a gold cup made by Paolo Penko, the Florentine Goldsmith. The gold cup will signify the chef's great achievement and it will also serve as an invitation to compete again. The winner will have the opportunity to compete against the best in the Worldwide Final in Italy 2021, the Gelato Festival World Masters.

On Saturday, you can enjoy all you can eat gelato and different crazy, fantastic flavors in one day. The event is taking place at the Brickell City Center from 3 PM to 11 PM and tickets are only $25.

Here are some flavors you have to try this Saturday:

La Dolce Vita:

Pink Grapefruit and Tangerine:

Razzle Ricotta:

Beautiful Blueberry Basil:

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Find more information and get your tickets here.