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5 Private Islands In Florida You Can Actually Buy

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5 Private Islands In Florida You Can Actually Buy

If you are in the market for your own private island - or you are just browsing for when you hit your big break - Florida has quite a selection to choose from. Whether you want a cozy 2-acre island on the Gulf or a vast 150-acres in the Everglades, there is something here for everyone, as long as you have the cash. And without further adieu, here are five spectacular Florida islands currently for sale

Ballast Key

Only 9 miles from Key West, this 14-acre developed private island has long been a haven for actors, writers, and dignitaries seeking a restful retreat from everyday life, and it can be yours too for the low-low price of $15,800,000.

The complete listing details are here.

1 Mandalay Island

Via Vladi Private Islands

If you can settle for a slightly smaller island, 3.4 acres to be exact, this tropical oasis in Stuart, The Town of Sewall's Point, is calling your name. No need to worry about guests cramping your style, they will have their very own guest house! The best part? There's a bridge so access to the mainland is a breeze. Oh, and it's only $4,250,000.

See the complete listing details here.

Crescent Island

Via Pinterest

This 4-acre private island located across from Sanibel Island and Ding Darling National Park is only accessible by boat, and much more affordable than most at an easy $2,830,000. Surrounded by a natural moat and tons of foliage, this island has a lot of potential for when the zombie apocalypse happens.

See the complete listing details here.

Jewfish Key

If you love picking seashells on the seashore this is the place for you. Jewish Key has its own private beach, dock, and roomy 2,400 sqft home off the coast of Sarasota in the Gulf of Mexico. This .72 acre island is also only accessible by boat. The asking price is $1,500,000.

See the complete listing details here

Historic Popenhager Camp

If endless acres in the Everglades sounds like heaven to you then Historic Popenhager Camp will not disappoint. This nature preserve boats 21.00 acres, an airstrip, house, and pond. Bring an off-road vehicle or your own private aircraft because those are the only two ways to access the property. For $2,975,000 the sale of the property also includes a 4-wheel-drive Jeep buggy, a 2.5-ton former army truck, a Husqvarna deck mower, a John Deere diesel tractor, and two split a/c units. 

See the complete listing details here

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