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7 Mile Bridge To The Florida Keys Gives You Incredible Views And Sunsets

Every adventurer knows that the journey to your destination is the best part, and taking the scenic route on the way can be well worth it. In Florida, particularly the tropical south with its vibrant sunsets and endless horizon views, that is quite often the case. If you’re driving through the lower and middle Keys, you may suddenly find yourself suspended above the ocean on a surreal length of roadway that spans the open ocean — and this famous 7 Mile Bridge to the Florida Keys is an incredible place to admire the southern bits of the Sunshine State.

According to the Friends of Old Seven, the bridge was once dubbed the 8th Wonder of the World. The bridge actually dates back to the early 1900s when it originally started as a railroad. After being partially destroyed in a hurricane in 1935, she was reconstructed into a roadway for vehicles.

Today, the Old Seven Mile Bridge has found its place on the National Register of Historic Places, and there’s even a museum documenting its history on Pigeon Key.

Pigeon Key sits close to Marathon in the middle of the ocean connected to the mainland only by the bridge and was once called home by over 400 workmen.

Old Seven now serves not only just as a connection to Florida’s beloved tropical oases, but as a place to jog, fish, and enjoy breathtaking views of the horizon.

The Florida Keys are also teeming with unique things to do, vacation destinations, spooky legends, and hidden gems that might be worth stopping and exploring on your scenic drive down the bridge and through the islands.

Of the 42 bridges that connect these experiences in The Keys, Old Seven totes the title as the longest.

The bridge is also the host of an annual run along its length that has been going since 1982, originally to commemorate the opening of the “new” bridge after reconstruction.

Whether you’re there to fish, exercise, or just passing through, the 7-mile-bridge will welcome you back and wish well on your journey, giving you views aplenty on your way.

Old Seven Mile Bridge

Address: Marathon, FL

Why You Need To Go: Traverse a piece of Florida history and experience some incredible views on the way!

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