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A 'Holy' Cross Strangely Appeared On A Florida Beach And Tourists Think It's A Divine Sign (PHOTOS)

This wooden cross washes ashore at a beach in Fort Lauderdale.
A 'Holy' Cross Strangely Appeared On A Florida Beach And Tourists Think It's A Divine Sign (PHOTOS)

Most days in Florida are considered a beach day. But what if you go to the beach today and find a massive wooden cross? Yesterday, tourists were astonished when they saw a holy cross near Fort Lauderdale's beach shore. 

The holy cross was found near the Ocean Manor Beach Resort in Fort Lauderdale. Many early beachgoers were in disbelief when they saw the cross. The cross seemed to be in the ocean for a long period of time due to the sea life encrusted on the wood. 

According to 7 News Miami, the owner of the hotel believes is a sign of protection after he saw the cross. He said his sister had been praying that morning after she had a bad dream. 

Via Ocean Manor Beach Resort

It's taller than a human body and you can definitely watch it from a distance. Some believe it was divine intervention. A tourist thinks it could've come from Puerto Rico or The Keys. But, nobody knows exactly where it came from. 

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Via Ocean Manor Beach Resort

It took about seven people and four ATVs to drag it out from the shore. Even if it was a weird coincidence, a beachgoer said he felt really heavenly after seeing the cross. 

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For many, this was a once in a lifetime event that they'll remember. Sometimes all you need is to go to the beach and receive a sign from heaven. 

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