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Americans Can Buy A Jar Of Fresh Irish Air For $2,199

Americans can now purchase Fresh Irish Air in a jar that comes with a 9-day trip to Ireland.

The newest marketing tactic has hit America, and it is pretty weird. Americans can now purchase "Fresh Irish Air in a jar" for the low-low price of only $2,199.

The marketing campaign comes from efultimatebreak.com, a travel booking site. They promise only the freshest, best air that has been bottled by an Irishman himself named GAVIN! (Gavin - has anyone seen Gavin?) Red Dead Redemption pun in case you didn't get it. Well, we found him! Apparently, Gavin is in Ireland and he's quite skilled at capturing the freshest of fresh Irish air. 

Their site says "We’re not crazy, we just love Ireland," and they think you should too. Here's everything you can expect from your expensive 16 oz (473 mL) jar of air:

  • Filled with fresh Irish air
  • Comes with 9-day trip to Ireland
  • Jar-sized
  • Nice label
  • Jarred by an actual Irish guy*
  • Floats, (they think)

Yes, this is actually a creative marketing tactic to get you to sign up for a trip to Ireland with this company, and we kind of like what they did here.

The company even went as far to post "reviews" of the jar, including, “My dog loves to bark at it.” —Louise and “Good jar.” —Mike.

There is even a FAQ page since they know people will be wondering if it's real, and their answer is: "Yes! One of our Tour Directors actually filled a bunch of jars with air in County Cork, Ireland."

In fact, they made it a Youtube video so you can watch it happen:

So what happens when you open the jar of air? Their site says, "We don’t know how air works (we’re not scientists). But the Irish air will probably escape."

Bummer. Guess that's why you need the trip so you can actually smell Irish air. 

The jar-and-trip offer ends March 17th. You can see more information about it on their website here. 

And um, whoever thought this up needs a raise.