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Arsenic Contamination Is Just One Of The Many Hurdles Beckham Is Dealing With

Nothing has been easy for Becks and Inter Miami fans.
Arsenic Contamination Is Just One Of The Many Hurdles Beckham Is Dealing With

The story of Inter Miami is a long and convoluted one and yet, the team has yet to even step on the field. To be fair, the few players that have signed to play for Inter Miami may not even want to step on the field after hearing about the news that broke Tuesday morning. According to an environmental analysis conducted on Inter Miami's future permanent stadium, the soil is extremely polluted

The third-party analysis found that Miami's only city-owned golf course contains arsenic contamination that doubles the legal limit permitted. As a result, Miami City Manager Emilio Gonzalez has announced that the Melreese Country Club will be closed until further notice. 

The Melreese golf course property was once a dumping site for incinerator ash. Inter Miami officials were aware of this as they had previously predicted repair costs within the site to be around $35M. However, after the recent soil report was released, the current estimate is in the $50M range. 

Will this hinder plans for David Beckham and Jorge Mas' vision for Miami freedom Park, Inter Miami's soccer-specific stadium? That is still unknown. 

What is clear is that Beckham, Mas and their investment groups have had plenty of patience and will power required from their part and so has the Miami population. After all, fans have been anticipating this soccer franchise since way back in 2014. 

On February of that year, it was announced that David Beckham had officially exercised his option to buy an MLS expansion team for $25M. This option was part of his 2007 contract with the LA Galaxy when the Englishman made the move to play for the North American club after leaving Spanish giants Real Madrid.

However, It was not until January of 2018 that Miami was officially awarded the 25th franchise from MLS. What happened?

Beckham was reported to have been on the hunt for a downtown Miami stadium months before he exercised his option to be the franchise. 

The first big blow to Beckham's downtown hopes was when the City rejected a bid to build in the Port of Miami region back in 2014. A bid for a training facility, also in the downtown region, was rejected shortly after that. Beckham and co. even tried to get land near the American Airlines Arena.

That said, you can imagine the relief it was when the city of Fort Lauderdale gave Inter Miami the green light to demolish the old Lockhart Stadium and develop the clubs temporary field before Freedom Park is ready. 

The clock is ticking ahead of the club's debut in March of 2020. The new Lockhart site does not necessarily seem to be ready for action yet.

While Inter Miami has made some interesting signings, the club has yet to announce a coach. Beckham himself has not commented on the recent soil reports. Surely, he can't be pleased with the new findings. 

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