Sweets and alcohol mix well together, especially when it involves ice cream. There is an adult ice cream shop in Miami that mixes booze and dairy into the perfect summer treat. Aubi & Ramsa is a bar that sells ice cream made with alcoholic beverages and spirits in the Design District.

This spot is the perfect alternative for your happy hours. The 21 and over ice cream shop is every foodie's dream where mojitos are turned into frozen treats. The shop is secluded and offers an intimate vibe for locals searching for the perfect date-night out. No longer will you have to decide between a drink or an ice cream treat when you can have them mixed together.

Aubi & Ramsa is just not alcohol-infused ice cream but also a luxury treat beyond a liquid state. The exquisite menu offers handcrafted ice cream that ranges from the fanciest drinks to the common spirits. 

The shop has a modern and European vibe with a marble tasting counter and gold chairs that make this place chic and stylish. The ice cream is made with different drinks such as Hendrick's gin, Veuve Clicquot, and even Moet & Chandon.

Most of their personal ice cream servings contain approximately 4.5% alcohol and you can also take home a pint from their menu. The average small serving costs $7 and $22 for the pint. The menu offers seasonal flavors and ice cream with champagne, vodka, rum such as the Dirty Mojito, mezcal, wine, Irish cream, and more.

At first glance, this bougie ice cream parlor seems like a typical blogger-targeted bar but this shop will give you a buzz without getting you drunk.

Aubi & Ramsa

Address: 172 NE 41st Street Miami, FL 33137

Hours: Monday-Thursday 12 pm to 9:30 pm, Friday-Saturday 12 pm to 11 pm, and Sunday 12 pm to 7 pm.

Why you need to go: You can get ice cream with booze.