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Beckham's Instagram Post Last Night Is Hinting At A Partnership With Ralph Lauren

David Beckham has been making rounds across the country on a press tour ahead of Inter Miami's franchise debut this Sunday against LAFC. While the excitement and buzz around this team seems to be at an all-time high ahead of their first match, Beckham's Instagram post last night might add even more joy to Inter Miami fans. The soccer legend seems to have hinted at a partnership between the Miami soccer club and fashion brand Ralph Lauren. 

You might be thinking to yourself "what the heck would Inter Miami, a soccer club, have to do with Ralph Lauren, a fashion brand?" How could these two possibly work together?

Well, friends, it is actually a common practice for a fashion house to partner with a high profile soccer club. 

The thinking is that the brand would dress the players and staff whenever they travel to away games and arrive at opposing stadiums. This is beneficial to both the team and the brand. 

The team gets to have a uniform look, preferably one that matches the club's culture and style and keeps the players looking professional and presentable.

The brand gets to dress some of the most elite athletes in the world and have them wear and display their brand to fans across the entire world.

In theory, every road game can become its own fashion show. 

Last night, David Beckham took to Instagram to hint at a certain project he seems to be working on for the guys in the Inter Miami locker room. 

Beckham revealed, "Great spending the day with the amazing Ralph Lauren at his office, someone I truly admire... working with him on a project close to my heart." 

There is no reason to link anything Beckham mentioned in his Instagram caption to his soccer club. That is until you keep reading and see that he not only tags Ralph Lauren at the end of the caption but also Inter Miami. 

Here is David Beckham perusing what we can only assume to be samples and prototypes from his upcoming lens brand, DB eyewear. 

It's no secret that Beckham is one of, if not the most stylish athlete, perhaps of all time. The guy is even launching his own brand of sunglasses. 

The former soccer superstar has been tagging and wearing these shades all over Instagram for the past few weeks. 

Stay tuned to see if there are any developments between the American fashion designer and MLS' new expansion team.

In the meantime, be sure to catch Inter Miami's first-ever MLS game against LAFC this Sunday at 5:30 p.m. ET on ESPN. 

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