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Blacktip Sharks Are Currently Migrating To Florida In The Thousands

Florida coasts are being invaded with thousands of Blacktips.
Blacktip Sharks Are Currently Migrating To Florida In The Thousands

It is the time of the year when Blacktip Sharks start their migration to the warm southern waters. Over the next couple of months, Florida coasts will be invaded with thousands of Blacktips.

According to information posted by Florida Atlantic University, the migration of Blacktips start mid-January and by the time spring rolls around, there will be tens of thousands of these sharks prowling the waters in search of food and warmer temperatures.

The sharks can be found all along the Florida coast, but are often known to hang out in the Palm Beach area. In fact, scientists are already preparing for the swarms of sharks with new tracking devices they will use to tag and track the sharks with.

The Palm Beach Post states that special $6,000 sensors will keep daily diaries of blacktip sharks off Palm Beach coast. The article states: 

"On Monday, Florida Atlantic University researchers began a study to chronicle the minutia of shark life off Palm Beach County’s coast with new sensors that measure movements as detailed as how many times they beat their tails to what time of day they prefer to make their close-up beach visits."

The annual blacktip shark migration is just kicking off in Florida. Filmed this yesterday.

February 6, 2019

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'The sensors, which attach to the shark’s dorsal fin and cost about $6,000 each, pop off after four days. Satellite and radio signals alert researchers to their whereabouts and a treasure trove of data," the article continued.

Adult Blacktips can grow up to 5ft and weigh around 150 lbs and are often regarded for their timid nature. It's not uncommon to see divers getting up close and personal with these sharks. 

Check out the photo and video below:

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Many of the Blacktips will make their way back up north to cooler waters during the summer. 

To learn more about these sharks and their behavior, click here

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