Miami is the promised land for many. Especially for a Venezuelan-born influencer who was kidnapped with her family and had to flee to the United States. Carla Nuñez is a Miami-based fashion blogger who shared her secrets to success with us on how she turned rags to riches with her enthusiasm, charisma, and witty personality.

Since 2013, Carla has been bringing the heat to the Sunshine State and her Venezuelan roots to Miami culture. Since 2012, there has been an influx of foreigners into the city and an increase of Miami influencers working in the fashion, beauty, and travel sector.

Carla has not let the stream of influencers seeking the same opportunities opaque her career. As Will Smith once said everyone is "Bienvenidos a Miami" and Carla was welcomed by many brands. 

Carla worked many unsteady jobs before making it as a full-time blogger. One of those jobs was working for a window tinting wholesaler and despite her stable salary, it did not satisfy her creative appetite.

At the time, her boyfriend Juanka motivated her to pursue her passion which has always been fashion. Even though she was afraid about people's opinion she continued on her fashion journey. Since she started blogging, Carla has received great feedback from the Latin community including people who send her private messages saying they also quit their job to follow their passion. 

The secret to Carla's success is her attention to detail, honest feedback, and inspiring messages such as "You Can Sit With Us, Because We Rise By Lifting Others". Carla is also the owner and founder of CN Wears, a clothing brand that includes shirts with inspiring messages and a selection of Carla's personal style.

"The most important aspect on this social media influencer world is to be yourself, to be honest and true to yourself," she said.

Her hustle, determination and consistency has landed this 25-year-old entrepreneur jobs with Mercedes Benz, Victoria's Secret, Dior, YSL, Tiffany, Neutrogena, Google, Sony, Oscar de la Renta and local brands on the rise.

Carla's first paid job was for an Instagram post she made about a Teeth Whitening kit where she got paid about $75. Since then, she has landed other partnerships, model jobs and collaborations that allowed her to quit her emotional-draining day job and grow her side hustle. 

Carla understands that hard work pays off and when she was denied by Sony Music for a music video, she still made the collaboration happen.

The solopreneur has had full-time support from her boyfriend Juanka since the beginning. Juanka handles all the office work from emails, photoshoots scheduling, brand negotiations, event partnerships, and more. Juanka is a key factor in Carla's success and brand development. Before Carla quit her job Juanka told her, "don't worry, I will always be there to support you in every way possible, I will never let go through any hardships, but you gotta do it now".

Between meetings, three photo shoots a week, and brand events, Carla has made it a priority to continue feeding her soul with motivational videos and meditations that keep her afoot. 

Miami is a fashion-forward city that has allowed Carla to progress in her career. In addition, she understands that despite the glamorous life there is a lot of work behind the scenes to make dreams happen. Currently, she is working on launching an e-book to inspire people to pursue her dreams. 

As Carla and Juanka continue their fashion in crime partnership, Carla continues to inspire the Latin community to embrace their true potential.