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Central Florida Temperatures Will Be As Terrible As Denver Colorado's Tomorrow

Central Florida temperatures will reach below average for this time of year.
Central Florida Temperatures Will Be As Terrible As Denver Colorado's Tomorrow

Central Florida residents are bundling up, chopping firewood, and covering their plants in preparation of tomorrow's chilly temperatures. Parts of Florida will be reaching low temperatures of just above freezing, on par with the expected low temperature of the Mile High City, Denver, Colorado.

While it is not unusual for Florida temperatures to dip in the winter months, the average low for January is 48 degrees, while the average low for Denver this time of year is about 17 degrees. Tomorrow the lows for both areas will be in the lower-to-mid 30s. 

Although we are only just into the second week of the New Year, this dramatic drop in temperature is a ringing reminder that the Sunshine State is not always so sunny, especially around this time of year. Last year during the winter months Florida saw some exceptionally cold days as well, and parts of Tallahassee even witnessed a rare snowstorm

This time Tallahassee will be is getting off easy. The forecast shows that Ocala will be hit the hardest, with temperatures expecting to drop to 33 degrees overnight, while Palm Coast is runner up with lows expected around 36 degrees. Other areas of the central inland and east coast will be anywhere from 37 to 43 degrees, according to the weather map posted by Troy Bridges of News 6. Some of these temperatures are even colder than the next 10-day forecast lows of northern Florida

Don't be caught off guard! Here is how cold tomorrow morning will be!

January 9, 2019

South Florida temperatures are not expected to drop below 50 degrees within the next 10 days, and central Florida temperatures are expected to rise again over the period of the next week.

For central Florida the expected high tomorrow will be 61 degrees, a high of 68 on Friday, and highs in the comfortable mid-70s over the weekend. There will be a 20 percent chance of rain on both Saturday and Sunday. 

Our fingers are crossed that the Farmer's Almanac 2019 Florida weather predictions are accurate - mild temps with a little bit of rain here and there. Of course, even if it isn't most people would still agree that Florida winter is better than most others in North America. 

Via Farmer's Almanac

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