The Miami Dolphins will play their third preseason game tonight. As The Dolphins are set to play host to the Jacksonville Jaguars at the Hard Rock Stadium, fans are becoming more and more wary that NFL regular season is just around the corner; and while Thursday night's matchup is merely a preseason game, some fans have been far from shy to place their predictions on how they believe the Dolphin's will fare this year. Notorious Miami resident Chad Johnson has particularly high hopes for the 'Phins. 

Ochocinco is very active on Twitter, as some of you may know. Similar to his days on the field, the 41-year-old is not afraid to speak his mind. Thursday afternoon, Johnson took to the social media platform to express his opinion on the upcoming Dolphins' preseason game. 

Being a legendary receiver, Johnson has merit when it comes to his opinion on Football. From 2001 to 2010, Johnson made a name for himself (and then changed it to Ochocinco) as an elite wide receiver with the Cincinnati Bengals.

However, Ochocinco's recent tweet concerning the Dolphins has people doubting his football IQ. The Miami native apparently disagrees with the negative predictions for the Dolphins this season

Now that is one shockingly hot take right there. 

It's important to note just how vastly this differs from multiple projections made for the Dolphins this year. 

The Miami Dolphins are the worst-ranked team in this year's Madden video game. ESPN has them winning four games all season.

Since the Dolphin's legendary undefeated season back in 1972, Miami has never won an NFL title again. In fact, the Dolphins have not won their division (AFC East) since 2008. 

With that in mind, perhaps the responses to Ochocinco's tweet will make a lot more sense.

Here's what the people had to say about Johnson's tweet:

While some fans definitely disagree, others are just thankful Ochocinco is unabashedly himself at all times. 

As crazy as it sounds, surely Dolphins fans would love it for Johnson to be right with his bold prediction. Tonight's match against the Jaguars kicks-off at 8pm.