When your favorite food staples start to get a little mundane, what’s the perfect way to break the monotony? Put them together, of course! Chick’nCone has forever changed the way we look at brunch combos — and in the best way possible. The fast-casual spot serves up the versatile classic of smothered fried chicken but in a waffle cone ice-cream style, and we are here for it. The best part? A new location just opened up in Miami!

Leave it to a New York company to put such a twist on chicken and waffles. The company began popping up in outlets all across the States since 2014, and now even reaches across the world.

You can find the new chicken hotspot in the colorful Wynwood district. Maybe you'll even take a walk with your cone and enjoy some of the street art and outdoor museum while you’re there.

The Miami addition is a welcome sight to the Miami foodie scene despite having only opened just shy of three weeks ago, already offering their bites on Uber Eats as well.

This is comfort food, breakfast food, and handheld food all wrapped up into one glorious chicken cone. And just because they’re a “fast craft” fried chicken joint doesn’t mean they’re lacking in quality.

Chick’nCone takes great pride in their food, sourcing and preparing the tastiest and freshest ingredients for your fork-free enjoyment.

The mesmerizing process of how the cones are prepared is sure to get your stomach rumbling.

Made with boneless tenders coated in panko crumbs, they’re fried until crispy, slathered in sauce, scooped into a fresh waffle cone, and topped with any number of delicious and crunchy extras.

Over the years, Chick’nCone has become so popular that co-owners Jonathan Almanzar and Josh Lanier have sold over 29 franchises.

From mac and cheese to spicy sriracha sauce, you can dress your cone up or keep it simple, but your tastebuds will never be bored.

Chick'nCone (At Wynwood Arts District)

Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: Fried chicken in waffle cones and fries.

Address: 2039 N.W. 1st Pl., Miami, FL

Why You Need To Go: Fast-casual brunch food never looked or tasted so good!