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Controversial Reality Star Mike Busey Is Currently Hiring Public Talent To Work At The Florida Sausage Castle

Mike Busey, former adult entertainer wants YOU to join his team in Florida.

It's not every day that you get the opportunity to put your talents to good use working for a reality star, but today might just be your day. Mike Busey, owner of infamous party house The Sausage Castle,  as seen on MTV, TMZ, VICE, ABC and more, is in search of a new audio engineer to work exclusively at the castle located just northeast of Orlando - and additionally, any babes who would like to become a Busey Beauty. 

His most recent social media post states that he is seeking an audio engineer/producer to run his studio at The Sausage Castle. The applicant must be passionate, diverse, and experienced with a strong knowledge of all equipment and programs. The right fit will be able to keep tight session logs, promote, go to shows and bring in clients - which means an outgoing personality is a must! Compensation, hours, and fine details about the job posting have not been made public.

Via Mike Busey

The former adult film star, with over 160k followers on IG alone, touts a wild lifestyle on his social media accounts, often featuring trending celebrities like Post Malone, Daddy Long Neck, and more recently, the thick neck convict we have all come to know and love, Charles Dion McDowell. Of course, there's no shortage of posts with beautiful women, guns, pugs, and of course, the mansion itself. 

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If you are not already familiar with the mansion, it is a well-known party and entertainment house - sort of like Florida's very own Playboy mansion. The former Sausage Castle burned down in 2017 but has reopened in this new location bigger, better, and wilder than ever. 

As of right now, Busey has yet to update his fans and followers about his progress in the interviewing and hiring stages, so if you are interested in this ultimate once in a lifetime chance to join in on the rock star lifestyle then send over your resume and qualifications to any of his social media accounts as soon as possible, and who knows, maybe you will be the next addition to this paradise party club in Florida.