The panic and rush for precautionary measures against the Coronavirus are sweeping over the nation, while major event organizers and corporations like Disney wait and watch carefully for the call to close their doors. As new cases and details emerge about the Coronavirus in Florida and around the world, the reactions still seem split; some people are throwing caution to the wind while others are clinging to it for dear life. In Miami, several petitions have even come out of the woodwork looking to postpone or cancel the popular Ultra Music Festival in wake of the virus.

Two Miami officials wish to suspend the three-day music festival in the hopes of curbing international travel to Miami and potentially spreading the virus further, as Festival-goers from over 100 countries attend each year.

A meeting between city officials and an Ultra representative occurred early Wednesday morning, with the promise of more details to be released later this week.

Before the talk transpired, Mayor Carlos A. Gimenez tweeted that no major events would be canceled in the Miami-Dade County, including Ultra.

On the internet, several petitions have cropped up in support of postponing and even canceling the festival altogether. Reactions on Twitter seems largely against the movement, while some people hold hope for the event to be suspended.

This Twitter user was in favor of canceling the event entirely, linking to a petition on As of publication, more than 50 people have signed in support of cancelation.

Ticket holders wait with bated breath for a decision so they can hopefully get refunds on flights and hotels. Some critics speculate that since fans have booked tickets so far in advance, they will fly in regardless.

This fan felt that cancelation was unnecessary when major theme parks and sports games were still open.

Mayor Francis Suarez and Commissioner Joe Carollo, the officials who first started the conversation, emphasize that they don't wish to cancel the event, but merely postpone it to a later date.

This fan felt it was worth the risk, saying that if the festival was closed down, so should major theme parks.

While talks between representatives have seemed to only have the city’s best interest at heart, Suarez did report that they had the power to cancel the event entirely if Ultra did not agree to postpone to another date.

Festival-goers should keep their eyes peeled for additional info in the coming days. More details regarding cancellation or postponement are said to come from city officials this Friday, March 6.