It is an exciting time for soccer fans in Miami. The city is set to finally get its long-awaited soccer team. Miami's first iteration of an MLS club was the Miami Fusion and they have not been around since 2001. 

This year, however, things are a bit different. Along with a group of investors, David Beckham is set to fill the soccer void in Miami. Inter Miami will look to make its debut in MLS in January 2020. Everything is kicking into high gear. There will be a temporary stadium in place in the old Lockhart venue and the club has announced its first two official player signings.

Matias Pellegrini and Julian Carranza were officially introduced to the world last week as Inter Miami's first members of #lafamilia.

There is another teenager on his way to Miami. To keep the Argentine duo company, Inter Miami has just signed Venezuelan 19-year-old midfielder Christian Makoun. 

Makoun was recently playing for Italian club Juventus' U-19 squad and is the captain of Venezuela's U-20 national team. 

With all this promising youth, it's clear David Beckham and the rest of the Inter Miami front office are looking for long-term players. However, someone will have to keep these kids in line. From the looks of it, David Beckham knows just the man for the job.

According to Italian newspaper 'Gazzeta Dello Sport,' Beckham's former teammate, Gennaro Gattuso is a leading candidate for the Inter Miami role. Gattuso played alongside Beckham in Milan during the 2009/10 season. 

News of Gattuso being linked to the Inter Miami role corroborates with what Jorge Mas told the Miami Herald to expect from the club's first Coach.

Mas told the Herald that Miami's coach would be "someone you're going to know who has coached before at the highest level and who has played at the highest level."

Gattuso spent his career by terrorizing opponents with his aggressive defending and passionate style of play. The former Italian has won a World Cup and two UEFA Champions League titles in his career. Gattuso was recently sacked as manager from his former club Milan toward the end of last season. He was able to lead the Italian club to a Champions League qualifying position. 

So that checks playing and coaching at the highest level.

From where we're sitting, Gattuso just might be exactly what this young Inter Miami squad needs: an internationally recognized name with a reputation that would win over any player's respect. 

Gattuso did not just stand out on the field, but he also set himself apart from the rest off the field as well. 

While playing for Milan back in 2010, Gattuso felt his team needed a bit of a morale booster ahead of a big game against English giants Manchester United. So the Italian decided that he would eat a live snail in front of teammates. Gattuso's tactic did not necessarily work as Milan went on to lose 7-2 on aggregate. However, it is the thought that counts after all. 

While the speculation linking Gattuso to Inter Miami is strong, there is another Italian name linked to the club that is actually in town as we speak. 

Carlo Ancelotti, the current manager of Napoli is in town as his club is set to face FC Barcelona in a friendly match on Wednesday at the Hard Rock Stadium. 

Ancelotti coached Beckham back in his Milan and PSG days. So the two definitely have a good relationship. With a new signing completed today and Ancelotti still in town until Wednesday evening, expect for Inter Miami coaching news to develop over the course of the week.