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DJ Diplo Was Spotted Riding The Surf Today In Miami (VIDEO)

Diplo in the ocean tho — he ate waves!
Diplo Was Spotted In Miami Florida Today Wake Surfing With A World Champion

People all over the world flock to Florida for its sandy beaches, crystal clear ocean waves, and experiences of a lifetime. This fact isn't only true to us common folk, but it extends to celebs too, especially in Miami; American DJ Diplo was spotted in Miami today, catching some choice waves.

In a video posted to his Instagram page 2 hours ago, the DJ can be seen rockin' and ridin' the surf with world champion skimboarder Austin Keen.

From the looks of it, he was having a great time, that is until he starts to lose his balance, teetering on the board; ultimately Diplo ends up taking a dip in the ocean.

What's even funnier about him eatin' the wave is his caption which reads, "Have you ever seen anyone wake-surfing with their face? @Austinkeen".

You can watch him hilariously biff it below.

At least the music star has a sense of humor about it, and most of his followers do too — many were quick to pop in with the laughing emojis, a couple even commented "legend", "Crazy as always", and "LMAO I love Diplo."

Some jumped in to reference memes, like the comment that reads: "You haven’t been flung off the tube w your dad driving the boat and it shows." Someone even asked him if he was thirsty — got saltwater?

One commenter made sure to encourage Diplo for trying something new though, just like his dad likely would have had he been the one driving the boat with a "Did great. I’m so proud of you". Who knew he had so many pure fans!

If you were out on the waves today, you may have been surfing alongside him without even knowing it.

Despite the fall, it seems like he was having a great time, and who wouldn't if they were wake surfing with a world champ under the sun in Miami? We wonder just how long he'll be kickin' it on our Sunshine Coastlines.

If you want to see more Diplo shenanigans, you can keep an eye out on his Instagram page here.

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