It's no joke that Miami Heat fans take their love of Dwyane Wade seriously, even if it means inviting his cardboard cut out to their wedding. 

The end of summer signifies a lot of things — including the end of wedding season. If you got married this year, congratulations. If you attended at least one wedding this summer, hopefully none of those embarrassing photos of you were posted anywhere (we know what you did). And if you perhaps did not get invited to any wedding at all or are against the concept of matrimony altogether, well then we hope your timeline is no longer being flooded with wedding photos. 

It has come to our attention that one particular Miami Heat fan did, in fact, get married this year. Jordan Gardner decided to share some memories from his wedding day on June 24. One specific guest of his caught our attention. 

What an all-around great tweet and amazing way to have fun at your wedding. We won't necessarily comment or ask about the topless pictures of Gardner and his buddies. Jordan, if you want to clarify that, feel free to hit us up. 

*Jordan did indeed hit us up to explain: "And the reason for the topless photos, me and my grooms party just started to get ready/changed and then wade appeared as a surprise from my wife Tash Gardner and then the photographer showed up and snapped away. I would of put a top on if i knew." Good excuse, Jordan!

It turns out, we were not the only ones who caught wind of Gardner's tweet.

So not only did this guy have his wedding guests carry around a Dwyane Wade cutout throughout his wedding, but Wade acknowledged his existence and loved the photos!

Heat fans saw Wade's tweet and the comments section is its own party. 

It seems Dwyane Wade will start getting a whole batch of wedding invites now. Folks are going to have to do better than just a cut out for their weddings now. 

Luckily for Wade, he is retired and ought to have plenty of time on his hands for the occasional wedding crash.

*this article has been updated 

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