Dwyane Wade Playfully Trolls LeBron James With His Latest Instagram Post

Because what are friends for?
Dwyane Wade Playfully Trolls Old Teammates In Instagram Posts

Dwyane Wade is enjoying this NBA season from an entirely different perspective than he is used to. After a long and successful career, the future Hall of Famer hung up his laces last year, but that doesn't stop him from playing the game of success. From magazine spreads with Gabrielle Union to unveiling his own clothing line, he seems to be leaning into retirement just fine — Dwyane Wade is even playfully trolling old teammates in Instagram posts.

Thursday afternoon the three-time NBA champ posted an image of the Golden State Warriors' D'Angelo Russell posterizing long-time friend & "Heatles" brother LeBron James.

Now, why would Wade choose to embarrass or pick on his buddy LeBron like that? For one: that's what friends are for. Furthermore, there's a bigger picture here besides the funny one Wade posted of Bronny.

Wade's comedic caption reads: "It's gotta be the shoes!!".

There are a few important details worth noting so that this Instagram troll all comes together. Let's begin with Dwyane Wade's shoes. The former Heat guard spent the final years of his NBA career in his own brand of basketball shoes.

The "Way of Wades" were pretty much exclusively worn by him and perhaps a couple of other players, including Udonis Haslem.

One of the main players sporting Wade's kicks this season is D'angelo Russell. The former Brooklyn Net switched to the "Way of Wades" after joining the new-look Golden State Warriors during this offseason. 

As we know, LeBron James is Team Nike. The four-time MVP has worn the swoosh throughout his entire career. Considering that, it seems fair enough that Dwyane Wade is going to want to fight for any edge he can get for his brand over the giant American brand. If that edge means picking fun of his old buddy getting dunked on by Russel in his shoes, well all the better. 

D'Angelo Russell also shared the post in question. James' and Wade's comments are chuckle-worthy here:

Russell: "What this look like?"

James: "An'I better quick dunk this or he gone block this shit! Hahaha!'"

Wade: *crying laughing emojis*

The Lakers ended up winning the game 120-94. So James must not really be worried about the picture anyhow. We're just glad to see Wade having himself some fun as a spectator of the game. Let's hope this won't be the last we see of Trolling Wade.