Just last month, Dwyane Wade's jersey was hung up in the rafters of the American Airlines Arena and became immortalized in Heat history. After winning three NBA titles and leaving his legacy within the franchise, the closing of Dwyane Wade's Miami Heat career was seen at the end of last season. Tuesday night, the Heat great took to Twitter to answer some questions his fans had for him and the answers give us some deets into the life of the basketball legend. 

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, Commissioner Adam Silver made the announcement last week that the NBA would suspend its season for at least 30 days, setting forth a domino effect throughout the other major sports leagues in the United States.

The suspension leaves players with plenty of opportunities on their hands to spend some time at home, whether that's staying in shape by working out, practicing their skills, or enjoying time with family.

While Dwyane Wade no longer laces his sneakers up, the former Miami Heat guard is still very active within the NBA world. Wade recently joined the TNT family as a basketball analyst, so he too may be transitioning into a #stayhome period.

Last night, the baller took to his Twitter to answer a variety of fan questions. "Haven't done this in a while," said Wade, "No better time than now. Question Time! Let's go!"

Fans practically jumped at the opportunity. The post amassed 11.7 thousand heart reacts, 4.1 thousand replies, and more than 400 retweets.

While there were multiple questions sent Dwyane Wade's way, this one in particular caught our eye. The question posed, "How is your quarantine going?"

To which Wade replied, "Building up a lot of Kaavia content to share with everyone." If he has more memes like his first Kaavia post up his sleeve, we're sure to find a little more humor coming our way.

Another question shot at the former Heat player asked, "Toughest three people you had to check were...?"

Wade's career spanned 16 years and he has gone up against some of the most renowned players in the league. So who could the retired star pick? 

"Kobe, Baron Davis, and Rip Hamilton," Wade replied.

Kobe Bryant might not have raised any eyebrows, and with so many possibilities we did not expect Wade to shout out former Charlotte Hornet guard, Baron Davis, and NBA champ with the Detroit Pistons, Rip Hamilton. 

With so many comments on the post, there are plenty of peeks into Wade's life and career that might surprise you. Head to Wade's Twitter page to check out all of the answers the Heat legend addressed. Let's hope he conducts another question time soon!