The NBA took the lead among sports organizations last week by being the first major league in the U.S to suspend its season due to the Coronavirus. While some sports players are making home gyms to stay fit or going for a boat ride, others are posting memes that share how they may be feeling. Ex baller for The Miami Heat, Dwyane Wade, recently posted a photo that seems to encapsulate exactly how he and some other NBA fans are feeling without their sports entertainment right now.

Shortly after the NBA made its suspension announcement, MLS, NHL, and other sports organizations followed suit. The suspensions will last for at least 30 days, but a recent report from ESPN states that a mid to late June return is looking like it might be in the cards for the NBA.

The landscape of sports entertainment could leave us going down memory lane with old games — at least for a little while.

The Heat's players are all dealing with the break in their own ways; from Jimmy Butler's backyard workouts to Goran Dragic's secret soccer skills, and a meme a day from Bam Adebayo expressing his boredom on Twitter.

Dwyane Wade and Adebayo's feelings seem to align as the former Heat superstar took to social media to post a photo of his recent mood regarding the NBA season being suspended.

Wade's post featured his baby daughter Kaavia in her jammies on the couch; she sits with her hands in her lap, looking off into the distance with an adorable pout.

The caption simply read, "Mood." And a mood that definitely is.

Whether that's boredom, defeat, or simply a sleepy baby, many sports fans took to the comments to say that they felt themselves and all of us in this meme.

Kaavia's mom, Gabrielle Union, put her own spin on the photo as well. Union's caption is like all of us — remembering a time we did something we thought was ridiculous or embarrassing.

"Just sitting here thinking about some questionable decisions I made from the mid-late 1990s."

It's official: the Wade-Union household has a sense of humor. If Dwyane Wade were still playing with The Heat, the class clown title might be up for debate.

The photo is already starting to surface on Twitter with others using it to craft their own meme-mood reactions too.

You can keep an eye out for NBA announcements on their Twitter page here.

While we try to patiently wait to hear when the NBA season will make its comeback, let's hope Dwyane Wade has his phone ready for more funny and cute Kaavia photos.