Today, FBI agents and Pembroke Pines police found a tunnel that stretches all the way to a Chase bank. The police received a call on Wednesday morning about a sinkhole that led to the Flamingo Pines shopping plaza. The underground tunnel found near the bank is not a tiny sinkhole, is a big hole that even a human body can fit.

According to WSVN authorities found a wooden pallet covering the entrance of the tunnel near the fence. The police found muddy boots, a small homemade ladder, stool, digging tools, and a small Honda generator. 

The police have classified this as a crime scene after they noticed the tunnel stretched all the way toward the drive-up window of the bank. 

Even though the bank is still open, authorities have closed the drive-up window lane. The tunnel made its way under the roadway and all the way into the driveway of the Chase bank.

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Some people are wondering if the tunnel was for the next heist of the century or just an escape from President Trump. 




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 The FBI has overtaken the case. More details to come.