Something is brewing near Florida. Two new tropical disturbances are currently gathering strength in warm Atlantic waters and could soon become tropical depressions. These systems are moving northwest toward Florida, threatening heavy rains and flash floods in the Miami area. 

Flooding downpours are forecasted in affected areas as these storms approach Florida, which may loosen the earth enough for mudslides, according to AccuWeather. Heavy rains are expected to batter Miami throughout the week.

As these new storm systems move toward Florida, they may grow stronger. As we move into August, waters grow warmer and wind shear declines, which is the perfect recipe for tropical storm formation, according to AccuWeather

The closer of the two disturbances is a tropical wave over Caribbean waters. According to the National Hurricane Center, it currently has a low chance of hurricane formation in the next 5 days. However, this disturbance could still become a tropical depression in the near future should storm conditions strengthen. This system will bring heavy rainfall to Florida. 

The second storm system is a tropical wave stewing in warm waters south of Cape Verde, heading west at 15 mph. The National Hurricane Center is carefully monitoring this storm and has reported a 50% of tropical depression formation for this system in the next 5 days. The formation would occur early next week.

"Regardless as to the whether the system fails to organize or becomes a tropical depression near Florida, the weather pattern is likely to unleash heavy rain in the Bahamas and part of the Florida Peninsula from late this week to this weekend," Senior Meteorologist Eric Leister told AccuWeather.

Whether or not these storm systems worsen, beachgoers and drivers should be extra cautious this week and next in Miami as heavy rains barrel towards South Florida.