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Gators Are Taking Over South Florida And Floridians Aren't Even Mad

They're breaking windows. They're snatching up dogs. They're swimming in the neighbor's pool. In other words, gators have been lurking in South Florida, and they're finally making their move.

Gators have long been accepted as a part of South Florida life. But after a number of close encounters in recent years, it's become clear that they're moving in on human turf. 

Today, people are sticking up for the gators, becoming unlikely champions of these mischevious reptiles. When the Miami Herald posted about an impending gator apocalypse, several people rushed to the gators' defense in the Facebook comments.

One user thinks Floridians are the unwelcome species, not the gators, and appears to be rooting for a Marvel-sized wipeout of the group.

He wrote, "Half of all these invasive species should be sterilized. I’m taking [sic] about Florida humans, of course. LOL #Thanos2020"

Another wrote, "'Rampaging' don't you mean living in their native habitat that is now a Chillis and a Starbucks?" referring to the article's title, "Gators are rampaging in South Florida. Will you bow to your new reptile overlords?"

One user felt that these recent gator incidents are not a surprise; it's just what happens when humans invade an animal habitat.

Another commenter said she at least prefers gators to pythons, which are in fact an invasive species in Florida, unlike alligators. "[A]t least the gators belong here!" she wrote. 

Not everyone is thrilled with gator run-ins, however. One user wrote, "[I]m Telling you ....stay woke bout these gators 🐊 😳."

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