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Florida Based Bulk Candy Store Is Selling Quarantine Candy And Chocolate Kits Online

If you’ve already eaten through most of your quarantine stash and are starting to stress about how you’re going to satiate your next sugar craving, worry not! In Florida, there’s a massive real-life Willa Wonka-esque candy shop, and right now, they’re shipping quarantine candy kits all over the world for sweet-teeth in need! While you dream of one day visiting the Bulk Candy Store in person, you can still much away on some of your favorite sweets from their online store.

There some amazing places to add to your bucket list to visit in Florida, and the Bulk Candy Store in West Palm Beach should definitely be on your list.

They carry all your favorites like classic candies from your childhood, novelty brands, and more. You can get a taste of the magic right now by checking out the four different quarantine kits, for chocolate and candy lovers alike.

There are two chocolate lover’s kits to pick from, the first containing a 1lb of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup with Reese’s Pieces, 2lbs of assorted chocolate, and a gourmet popcorn bag, perfect for those Netflix’s binge nights.

The second chocolate lover’s kit has 1lb of Hershey’s Milk Chocolate bars instead of the Reese Cups.

The Emergency Classic Candy Kit is over 3.5lbs of candy, with old favorites like Nerds, Pop Rocks, and Fun Dip. There’s also an assorted mix of bulk items like Dum-Dums and Laffy Taffy, plus a bag of popcorn.

You can also get a mix of the two with assorted chocolate, classic candies, and popcorn. The chocolate lover’s kits are $29.99 each, and the candy kits are $19.99.

They ship all over, even internationally, but the exact shipping cost will depend on your specific location.

Whatever your sugary, chocolate and sweet needs are, Bulk Candy Store has you covered!

Bulk Candy Store Quarantine Kits

Price: $19.99 - $29.99

Why You Need It: Take care of all your sugar cravings with these delicious quarantine kits!

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