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Florida Feels 100 Degrees Warmer Than The Midwest Right Now

Florida is 54 degrees and the Midwest is -54.
Florida Feels 100 Degrees Warmer Than The Midwest Right Now

Stop complaining about Florida weather right now! Believe it or not, our "cold" weather is actually pretty mild compared to the rest of the United States at the moment - in fact, it feels 100 degrees warmer in Florida than some areas of the midwest!

You heard that right. It's 100 degrees warmer in Tampa than Minneapolis. Tampa is around 54 degrees and Minneapolis is around -54 degrees. That's as cold as the surface of Mars! 

Parts of the northern United States have been hit with a brutal cold front, causing lower than normal temperatures. Florida has also been experiencing unrelated cold fronts, also causing temperatures to dip below average for this time of year. We have experienced more cold days this month than last year during this time. Usually, January temperatures stay around the mid 70's to lower 60's for Florida. 

COLD | It feels 105 warmer right now in Tampa compared to Minneapolis. Yea, it's cold, it's January and we live in Florida. #ShareBait #ClickBait #flwx

January 30, 2019

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This knowledge still doesn't stop people from complaining, though. There have been hundreds of Tweets recently posted by Floridians complaining about the cold weather - and northerners telling us to get over it! 

It’s probably the coldest day of the year in Florida but I know those Minnesotans don’t want to hear us Floridians bitching about it only getting up to 50 degrees today

January 30, 2019

Dear #Florida. My deepest apologies for you needing to "wear layers".

January 30, 2019

There is good news, however! The latter half of the week we will see temperatures start to rise again in Florida, steadily climbing back up into the 60's and 70's - and even a few days into the 80's.

Here's the upcoming forecast for Orlando according to


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So instead of complaining about the 50-degree weather, just remind yourself it is still so much warmer than other areas of the USA. See, Florida "cold" weather isn't that bad. 

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