Florida Has Its Very Own "Stonehenge" And You Need To See It

Coral Castle is one of the most strangely beautiful creations to still exist.
Florida Has Its Very Own "Stonehenge" And You Need To See It

A labor of love, or in this case, love lost. A monument to lost love was built by a sad man who's fiance called off their wedding just 1 day before the ceremony. Though built from heartbreak, Coral Castle is now one of the most strangely beautiful creations to still exist today and can be seen in Homestead Florida.

The castle was built from 1,100 tons of coral blocks that were hand cut and sculpted by a man named Ed Leedskalnin, who moved to the U.S from Latvia. His labor of lost love has been said to have been done single-handedly from 1923-1951 with no help from power tools or additional hands, leading some people to refer to it as Florida's Stonehenge. 

The castle contains some really cool marvels such as a sundial, stone "rocking" chairs, a fountain, and a giant heart-shaped table - a valentine to his lost beloved. You can see a couple of the features below:

Many saw him transporting the coral blocks but strangely no one actually ever saw him building it. He built lookout points to protect his privacy, and did all of his work by the light of a lonely lantern so no one else could see. They have his tools on display as well, so you can see what he was working with.

Whenever he was asked about how he built this place, he only responded with his knowledge about the laws of weight and leverage. This led people to believe that Ed possessed otherworldly powers and built this spectacle out of pure magic and mystery itself. 

With each wall being 8 ft tall, 4 ft wide, and 3 ft in thickness, it baffles people that a 5 foot fall-100 lb man could have built such a structure singlehandedly. The mystery and secrets of how Ed built this place have been compared to the building of other well-known wonders: Stonehenge and the Great Pyramids. 

In the maker's words himself, "you will be seeing unusual accomplishment," which is adorned on a sign near the entrance as you make your way in to see how unusually cool this place is. 

The Coral Castle opens at 9 am every day and is located at 28655 South Dixie Highway Homestead, FL 33033. Admission is $18 for adults (13+), $15 for seniors (65+), $8 for Children (7-12), or Free for children 6 and under. If you plan to go as a group or want to set up a tour, group pricing is also available by phone call.

For more information about Coral Castle, Ed Leedskalnin, group pricing, and complete hours of operation check here.

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