Update as of 9:30 EST on March 27, 2019: two more great white sharks have joined the spring break party! You can read the update in full here.

With Florida being surrounded by the ocean you're bound to see some really cool marine life. Some like to stay far out in the salty depths, while others like to get a bit closer to our shoreline. Quite a few Great Whites like hanging out in Florida's vast surrounding bodies of water, and we have a list of the ones that are here right now according to OSearch.

1. Miss Costa

@misscostasharkyembedded via

Miss Costa is a Sub-Adult Female Great White, weighing in at whopping 1668 lbs. This beauty is a lengthy 12'5" long, and is currently swimming around just off the coast of Key West. She was last pinged on March 19th, 2019. Fun fact - she was named after Costa Sunglasses, which have a partnership with OSearch.

2. Nova

I may not be a whale but I’m pretty handsome and always concerned about ocean protection! pic.twitter.com/SfAetZNwKk

February 16, 2019

Nova is an adult male great white who was named in honor of the residents of Nova Scotia, Canada where he was first spotted and tagged in their waters. He stretches 11'6" and weighs 1186 lbs; he was last pinged on March 8th, 2019 swimming with Miss Costa off the coast of Key West.

3. Cabot

Pleased to meet you everyone! I’m a young intrepid shark who’s always up for a grand adventure. I look forward to sharing all about my travels with you as I go. pic.twitter.com/Y3yBPizRuI

October 8, 2018

Cabot, a small sub-adult male, was last spotted playing in the Gulf of Mexico not far from Nova and Miss Costa on Feb 27th, 2019. This little guy is only 9'8" long and weighs about half of what his friends weigh at only 533 lbs! Seaworld chose his name, which is paying tribute to the great explorer John Cabot.

4. Hal

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January 25, 2019

Hal is an adult male great white and is partial to the eastern side of the Sunshine State; last pinged on March 19th, 2019 - This big boy is 12'6" long and is pretty heavy at 1420 lbs. He can be found swimming off the coast of Daytona Beach. His name is a tribute to Canada's Halifax.

5. Katherine

Katherine the great white shark swimming off Newfoundland coast https://t.co/ix61ubaPkI pic.twitter.com/GueGx64Net

January 3, 2016

Last, but most certainly not least, we have Katherine. Out of all the sharks we have near Florida right now, Katherine is the largest. She weighs exactly 2000 lbs and is a staggering 14'2" long. Her location was last pinged on Feb 29th, 2019 a bit further out in the water near West Palm Beach.

If you'd like to see more sharks and their most recent location, check out OSearch's website here.