You can "dive" into a stunning underwater world in Florida and be totally immersed, all without ever getting wet. The National Parks Service (NPS) created a virtual tour, offered on Google Arts and Culture, of the Florida Keys' Dry Tortugas National Park that leads you through a sunken shipwreck and coral reef. The national park's reef ecosystem is bursting with diverse sea life, which makes for an incredible experience.

The virtual tour takes viewers on a deep dive exploring Fort Jefferson and its surrounding waters, featuring a crowded and colorful coral reef and the eerie remains of the Windjammer Shipwreck.

This interactive experience gives viewers a vivid look into the underwater world. You can even move the view 360 degrees during the journey beneath the waves or simply keep the camera straight and follow along with the divers.

NPS Diver Curtis Hall leads viewers on their trek with audio commentary. "Hidden from view is one of the most biologically diverse ecosystems found anywhere," said Hall.

Dry Tortugas is just one portion of The Hidden Worlds of the National Parks, an immersive video tour series that leads viewers to several incredible spots across the country.

These unique worlds include Kenai Fjords in Alaska, Hawaii's Volcanoes, Carlsbad Caverns, Bryce Canyon, and Dry Tortugas National Parks. 

Dry Tortugas, located 70 miles west of Key West, dates back to the civil war. Much of the park is underwater, housing countless species of sea life. 

The park has clear turquoise waters that set the stage for the NPS's breathtaking footage. See what kinds of marine life you can spot in the reef on your journey under the sea. 

Oo and ahh in wonder as you glide through clear-blue waters full of beautiful and unique sea creatures on this virtual experience of a lifetime.

The Hidden Worlds Of The National Parks: Dry Tortugas National Park Virtual Tour

Price: Free

Why You Need To Do It: This diver-guided virtual tour of a Florida coral reef will lead you on an immersive underwater journey you can take from your bed.