Traffic & bad drivers are some of the most talked-about topics when it comes to living in the Sunshine State. People speed, change lanes sporadically or drive aggressively, and they almost never let you over into the lane you need. Apparently the passengers can be just as crazy as the drivers; a video of a Florida man spotted in Miami being somewhat of a daredevil on the road has surfaced on Reddit.

We spotted the video first from Reddit user u/VisualBen, who posted a video from Swae Lee and a friend catching what seems to be a blue Hyundai Veloster zooming down I-95 in Miami. This wasn't just a random video of a random car. A man was LITERALLY hanging out the window by his legs & appeared to be dancing to whatever tunes he & his friend had bumpin' that night. Might even be a Swae Lee fan.

Swae Lee was in the driver's seat watching this all go down, calling him a rockstar all while screaming at him to get back in his car. Others are even calling him the "Miami Man."

After about 17 seconds of the dangling daredevil moment, he climbs back into the vehicle to safety, but there's no telling how long he was hanging out the window before the person capturing this moment hit record.

Watching this video alone is enough to put you on edge, fearing that he could fall into busy I-95 traffic at any moment. This isn't the first time someone has done something like this either according to one commenter who knew someone that died doing a similar dangerous stunt.

Many of the commenters went so far as to call the man an idiot for making such a dangerous drive down this bustling highway, but apparently I-95 is full of crazy drivers throughout the U.S., not just in Miami.

Reactions to the shocking video also focused on the driver of the convertible whose passenger recorded the man hanging from the window. Many saying it appears to be Californian Rapper, Swae Lee — apparently, he was riding top-down with no seat belt all while screaming "Safety first". It's pretty common to see celebs casually in Miami, especially the Miami Heat; one commenter thinks the man hanging out the window was a Swae Lee mega-fan trying to show off.

Many people weren't surprised by the action of this Florida Man — after all, we don't have a radio segment called Florida or Not Florida for nothin' — not to mention the 'Florida Man' headlines we see on the daily; You can even buy Florida Man Merch online in the Sunshine State.

Apparently this is "Miami Man," a whole different breed of Florida man.

Let's just hope no one else tries this stunt, not even in front of a celebrity. If you're looking for more craziness coming out of Reddit, check out this hilariously accurate judgemental map of Tampa Bay or see the 6 ways to divide Florida according to Reddit & discover which area is Mad Max's "Thunderdome".

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