There are hundreds of rescues that take place each day in Florida - from our very own domesticated pets to those a little more exotic like snakes and birds, there is never a boring day for rescuers of all types. Undoubtedly, all of the world's critters are amazing in their own way, but we are especially stricken with love for the Florida Wildlife Hospital's rescued orphaned squirrels. 

According to the post made by the Florida Wildlife Hospital, the three baby squirrels came to the rescue earlier this month with unknown trauma injuries to their tails. The babies, whose eyes were still closed at the time, had their tails promptly wrapped and were given a comfortable place to rest and heal.

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With the help of the rescuers who gave them lots of care and love, each passing day the little squirrels quickly grew healthier and stronger together.

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Over a period of a few weeks, their tails made a full recovery and their eyes started to open.

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And they spent lots of time healing together.

After less than a month, they now look like happy, healthy juvenile squirrels almost ready to take on the world (again).

Via @flwildlifehospital

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These sweet babies could not have ended up in better hands. The Florida Wildlife Hospital is a nonprofit volunteer organization that rehabilitates sick, injured, and orphaned native Florida wildlife, and migratory birds, with an overall end goal to return them to the wild. 

To learn more about the Florida Wildlife Hospital's mission you can click here to go to their official website.

If you just want to see more photos of all their other recent rescues or would like to stay updated on these adorable baby squirrels you can click here to go to their Instagram page. 

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